Art Week: Day 3

Pack your paints, today we're going on a field trip!  It's Monet Day!  

You're challenge is to go to a garden and paint what you see in the style of Claude Monet.  

I talked to my kids about how Monet was from the impressionist movement (which meant nothing to them, of course.)  So I was forced to bust out my Clueless knowledge and be like, "It's like a painting, see?  From far away it's ok, but up close, it's a big old mess."  I kid.  No but really.  Google a Monet painting and show your kids how up close, you only see dots and it doesn't make sense, but as you look at the painting from far away, it actually looks like something.  

After that, let your kids paint their own Monet's.  
We lucked out because our local gardens just happen to have a pond with water lilies, but you and your kids can paint any landscape you'd like to.  :)  
We emphasized painting in a "dotty" style (as Ezra called it).  
And we mainly used blue, brown and green paint.  
This day was definitely a favorite for my kids.
While our paintings dried, we walked around the gardens and noticed colors and butterflies.  When we got home, I taught Lila and Ezra how to paint butterflies while Madelyn and Sophia napped.  Lila and her crazy tan arms put together a little how-to tutorial for your kids.  Enjoy!

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