Art Week: Day 4

Today is Van Gogh day!  This one is super fun because you can take it in so many directions.

The main challenge is to paint a Van Gogh-esqu subject in colorful, big, bold strokes.  

I didn't focus on the life of Van Gogh (cuz wasn't he kinda crazy? or have I just listened to Starry Starry night one too many times?) so much as the style in which he painted in his later years.  Big bold colors and strokes.  

I let the kids finger paint the sunflowers we have growing in our yard.  It was super fun (and hot).  We talked about how Van Gogh created a mood in his paintings.  Flowers drooped, sometimes things weren't proportionate, trees looked like they were about to be blown over.  I love the post-impressionist style so it was fun to let my kids go to town.  
I stressed washable paints because we got paint everywhere, but look at the fun result.  :)  
As a side note, we didn't do this, but I think it would be super fun to stay up late and paint a Starry Night painting...my wheels are already turning for next year. ;)

In case you missed it, check these posts to find out about what art week is all about:

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  1. I love this--wish we could transplant your giant sunflowers!! We're going to take a sidetrack into Seurat because I don't have any finger paints on hand...totally cheating!


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