Art Week is coming!

I am super excited about this you guys!  It's not something that I would normally share.  If you've been a follower for a while, you know that I mostly share sewing things.  But the truth is that their is so much more to what I do in a given day than sewing.  Sewing is fun for me, not necessarily for my family.  I focus on it and blogging at night so that I can give all my attention to my family during the day.  This means that we have to come up with some fun activities to add a little spice to mom-life.  :)

Hence, Art Week.

In college, I loved taking humanities classes.  I enjoyed learning about the reason behind the painting, music, or sculpture.  I'm not a great artist myself (though I'm surrounded by family members who never cease to amaze me) but learning the history of the arts has always intrigued me.  I wanted to open that world to my kids in a simple way.
Basically, Art Week is a week long set of challenges/ideas/inspiration children learn about art (and an artists style) each day. 

Once a day, for one week--pretty simple, right?  

If you work in the day, you still have time to do it at night.  As the parent/gaurdian, you don't have to do the art, but it's much more fun if you do.  Plus you're spending quality time with a child who might normally just be watching TV....not that I ever let my kids watch TV.....;)  Also, if you find that the daily challenges are too much, just try one.  G'head.  Give it a shot!
The only rule is to have fun together.  You can't stress about the mess.  In fact, plan on a mess.  I believe that having fun with kids doesn't have to be complicated.  It does mean a little extra planning ahead of time.  I've provided a supply list to get you and your kids started:
Don't have all the supplies?  Don't worry.  The point of this is to help you bond with your children and learn something new together, not to make life harder.  Supplement with what you do have.  With school starting for a lot of people, it's a great time to stock up on art supplies, but if you don't have everything, no biggy.  One set of crayons/paint will do the trick. 

Check back here daily for your challenges and you can also follow along on my instagram.  If you join up via insta, tag your art with #artweekforkids so that we can all be inspired.  :)


  1. My favorite post yet! I love your little video. What a fun idea from a fun mom! You amaze me!

  2. My favorite post yet! I love your little video. What a fun idea from a fun mom! You amaze me!

  3. Beth, I always knew you're my favorite and my best! What a fun idea.


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