Art Week

Let's see.  How should we start this?  

Good morning class.  Welcome to art week, I'm Mrs. Superman.  

K, really.  That's not workin' for me.   First off, this is not a class because I am not really qualified to teach you art.  I am qualified to teach you how to make life with your kids a little more fun this week.  :)  But really, I'm nervous to get going because this is something I've never done on the blog before but it is something I do every day.  Not art per say, but activities with my kids.  So I'm a little out of my comfort zone sharing it, but I do hope you'll join in!  

You can read more about Art Week here and follow along on instagram if ya'd like to.

The idea is just that each day, you'll get a challenge of one small way you can teach your kids a little about art.  You do it each day for one week.  And you get to participate too.  :)  It's just a fun way to bond and learn at the same time.

To start off art week, your challenge is to notice the world around you, enjoy nature, and point it out to your kids.  
For example, I just took my kids on a little walk.  Sundays are usually a little more quiet for us, so we just kept it simple.  We looked around at nature and we talked about the different colors that we could see.  I pointed out the colors in the sunset.  Simple things like that.  
We are religious, so for me, this was a good day to talk to my kids about God being an artist.  It's fun to notice art in the little things like flower petals, clouds, and even the food we eat.
Have you ever noticed that romain lettuce is ombre?  Or how pretty a peice of fruit is when you open it up?  It's astounding and I love pointing that kind of stuff out to my kids. 
Teaching my kids to see beauty in the small things is fun for me and it helps create little moments where I can connect with my kids.  
If you can't get outside, look at pictures of vacations that you took.  Even take time to notice the beauty in things your child does or says.  

This is also a great time to prep your kids for the next week.  You can explain that you'll be doing some fun projects together and that if they work hard to get the house clean each day, they can do some art as a reward.  (Mom bribing at its finest.)  

Enjoy today!  Tomorrow, the real art begins. ;)


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