Art Week: Day 5

Pop Art is so much fun!  Another day where you could go so many directions.  We opted for something fairly simple, but we still had a blast.  

The challenge for today is:  break the rules.  Not literally of course. ;)  I just mean dump out the crayon and markers and let your child create whatever he or she wants to.  

I started off by showing my kids Pop Art in the Andy Warhol style.  They were weirded out but kind of fascinated by it.  So as they were watching, I decided to turn them into popart.  I was trying to be quick, so I did it really fast in Picasa.  There are loads of tutorials on how to do it more professionally in Photoshop, but we were hustling, so I thought I'd share the steps just in case.  
  • Open your picture in Picasa
  • Click on the editing tools
  • Choose the 2nd paint brush 
  • Click the posterize setting at the center/bottom
  • Save and you're done.  

It's not exactly Warhol, but it's along the same sort of style and it was a fun quick way to show the kids a different type of "art."
Lila was not a fan by the way.  It really weird-ed her out.  
Ezra on the other hand....:) 
After that we rolled out a big sheet of paper (we used an ikea roll, but you can use the back of wrapping paper, craft paper, or just normal paper--whatever you've got) and the kids colored to their hearts content.  
The biggest thing I wanted to show the kids today was that they could let loose and have fun.  Kids live with so many rules today, sometimes it's fun to break a few...of the harmless ones of course. ;) 

Read more about Art Week here:

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