and the livin's been easy....

We're about to get a little Lila-centric over here.  Well, to be fair, this blog is a little Lila-centric already (because she is my oldest/most cooperative model.) The next few weeks are extra special though, because my girl is starting school soon.  Curazy.

I think I'm more nervous than her. :)

We really tried to live it up this summer.  Snow cones, movie nights, and zoo trips galore.  I realize "live it up" probably means something a little more exciting to you.  But to us, we were living the good life.  ;)

This dress is a representation of our pleasant summer.  Not really sure why.  It just makes me happy.  It's probably the best thing I have ever made.  Bar none.  The cobalt, flowers, pockets, double layer skirt--all of it.  Plus the fact that I didn't rush through and I actually sewed it right.  Ya, that's probably why I like it so much.  ;)

Plus it's oh so cute on my precious five year old.  Life when your five is so good, or so I'm told.  :)

It's a geranium dress.  Fabric from Joanns. (old) I made a shirt out of it for me, but had just enough to eek out a bodice.  Man, I'm glad I save all those scraps!  (I have to justify my scrap saving to Superman.)

Anyway, I'm always so satisfied when I make geranium dresses.  One of the best patterns in all the land in my humble opinion--it never disappoints.

Hope your summer has been as pleasant as possible!

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