Golden Ideas

Every once in a while I get an idea that is pure gold, I tell you.  Let's be honest here, most of my ideas are kind of "meh."  For example the idea to stack four laundry baskets full of clothes and carry them downstairs by myself with my two year old right in front of me as I walk down.  That idea almost ended up in the ER.  Or the time that I thought it would be a great idea to refinish our dining room table at 8 months pregnant.  "It'll only take a couple of dyas," I said.  "It'll be easy," I said.  "Almost killed me," I say now.  

But at the beginning of summer, I got it into my head that I wanted to do some "embroidery" shirts made out of gauze.  I kept seeing them all over the place and I couldn't get the idea out of my head.  So the idea festered until I saw the perfect excuse to make one on Project Run and Plays August Challenge from FrancesSuzanne.  The challenge was to make something and incorporate some type of handwork on it.  Wellwhatdoyaknow?  A good idea and the stars align.  
Though carrying out the idea was more difficult than expected due to the fact that when my children see me sitting down with a needle and thread, they inevitably take that to mean, "Oh Mom must really want me to sit in her lap and let me help her with that pointy thing.  Also it should probably go in my mouth, right?  And let me wipe my half eaten fishy cracker on that white fabric.  Theeeere we go."  
And give me some credit for the fact that I actually did most of the embroidery in the dark while we had a family Star Wars marathon.  Feeling like the force really helped me on this one.  Obiwan would be so proud.  ;)
I started with the First Day Dress bodice then drafted some short sleeves.  All of the fabric was white gauze from Joanns.  It goes on sale every once in a while and it's a great deal.  It is quite light weight, so it's perfect for summertime.  Around here August & September are still pretty warm during the day, so it's perfect.
As far as the embroidery goes, I kept it simple with straight lines and x's.  I may even add some more lines, it's a very soothing process.  I did all the handwork around the neck but it didn't feel finished, so I used my machine for the sleeves and bottom hem. 
Anyway, isn't it nice to check an idea off in your brain?  Now if I could only get that whole get the laundry folded idea to work.... ;)


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