Romper Tutorial // Pattern Hack

I am of the firm opinion that rompers/jumpsuits look best on babies/kids.  Hate me if you want to.  I know they're hip, so wear them away if it's your stiz-yle,  It's just that when I put one of those suckers on, it's just about the most unflattering thing on the planet.  Plus, how do I go to the bathroom?  #lifesmeaningfulquestions

But put a romper on my daughter and I am there.  They're so easy, especially if you add some snaps to the bottom (which, coincidentally, solves the aforementioned bathroom/diaper changing issue) So as mentioned yesterday, I got on a kick and made like 800 rompers.  Just to perfect this tutorial.
Now to be fair.  This is a pattern hack or fusion, if you will.  I used two of my all time favorite patterns, so out of respect to the designers, I'm not going to show you every step.  These are, however, patterns that I've purchased myself and I would highly recommend buying them if you're looking for some solid patterns to add to your pattern collection.

Start with the KID Shorts by MADE and the bodice of the Geranium Dress by MadebyRae.  I've found that the shorts/dress bodice sizes match up quite well.  For this paticular romper, I made the 12m shorts with the 12-18m geranium bodice.  It won't be exactly perfect size wise, but it should be pretty close.

When you cut out the shorts, extend the length of the crotch area by one inch one both the front and the back.
Sew the shorts according to the instructions in the pattern
Only omit sewing the crotch seams together.  (As shown with the red arrows) Set them aside and we'll work on the top.
Extend the bodice length 6 inches down.  Since we're flipping the bodice around and the front will be the back and visaversa, be sure to lower the neckline of the original back bodice as well as heighten the neckline of the original front bodice as shown in the arrows.  Cut your lining for the bodice in the same way.

And sew according to pattern instructions up to this point.

Now we're ready to combine the two patterns.  Place the bodice top down, inside the shorts

You'll have to work on getting things aligned, so adjust the bodice until it aligns with the shorts waist.  One front bodice flap should be overlapping the other front side of the bodice, but you can move it until everything is aligned.  Be sure to make the bodice overlap about an inch over the shorts.  This will eventually become your casing.  Pin and sew all the way around.

Pull the bodice out and this is what it should look like.

Sew the overlapping flap closed.  It's located above the raw edge and below the line. (shown in the red arrows) Don't sew it onto the shorts, you'll just want to make sure it's sewn closed so you can make your casing.

Press it and then fold the raw edge under 1/4 of an inch

Pin and sew around.

Like so (ha, a pun!)

Then feed your elastic through.  I used 1/2 elastic.  1/4 would work as well.

The length of your elastic will depend on your child.  Just make sure it's not too tight.  I would air on the side of loose.  I dare say this one is pulled tighter than it should be.

Now we get to add snaps to the crotch.  It is a little bit of an extra step, but it'll be worth it when diaper changing time comes.  ;)  First prep your crotch seam by ironing it uinder 1/4" towards the wrong side.  Then once more about 3/4"  You won't sew it just yet, it just makes the next few steps a little easier.

Hem the shorts by folding the sides under 1/4 inch and then about an inch.

Now you refold and sew the crotch seams across where you previously pressed them.

You might have to make some adjustments so that the front and the back fit a little better.  You may also want to add interfacing inside the fold, just to reinforce the snaps.

Now you're ready to add snaps.

Add the snaps so that they connect with the other side properly.

Add buttons to the top and you're done!

Enjoy your romperized child!

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