Romper Week

Whew!  Went on a little unintentional break there.  Good thing the internet world can still turn without me. ;)  I take a break from time to time whenever I feel like my blog posts are getting weak sauce.  I'm telling you, the perfect solution to a blog rut is to just walk away for a bit.  Luckily, this blog is so tiny, no one really noticed.  Fist pump!

Truly, it's been nice to just play and have a little mini vacay with my kids.  I've made a few changes to my blogging/sewing schedule and it's made life with my family so much happier.

And now I feel ready to jump back in the saddle again.  Cue that "back in the saddle again" song.  

Anyway, I went crazy over the summer and sewed tons of rompers.

And now that summer is over, I've perfected the art of romper sewing so I thought I'd make this romper week (my titles ooze with originality amiright?) here on the old bloggity.  Check back in here and there this week for your complete romper coverage. ;)

Until then, here's my little babe-zee Sophia {who just turned one, what???} looking extra adorable in all her romper glory.

Oh and by the by, if you're curious about what I do during long blog breaks, feel free to check out my "home away from blog" here on instagram.  No pressure because you'll get more information about me than you ever ever wanted, but just in case you wanted to follow along with the crazy, you're more than welcome to. :)

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