Fancy Nancy

If movie makers were developing a Fancy Nancy movie with open casting and they came to Idaho, they'd have their girl, I tell you.  Madelyn Peach is the fanciest of them all.

But really though, she's obsessed with the Fancy Nancy books and she is expecting a Fancy Nancy party for her 3rd birthday and you are all invited.  Really.  She's inviting everyone from the cashier at the store to the neighbors down the street.

I made her a little Fancy Nancy Dress just to help encourage the love that is already there.  ;)  I used the Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations.  I've sewn a few (here here and here) before and I always like how the pattern comes out.  I sewed this version in 3T with some gifted cotton fabric.  

Though I couldn't get the collar to lay flat.  I don't think that's the pattern so match as it was my lack of ability in the art of sewing collars.

Imperfect collars aside, this dress fits the Fancy Nancy bill.

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