I think a good pattern is one that you can sew in lots of different ways.  Hence another reason I like the Pretty in Peplum Pattern.  I used the bodice and sleeves to make a pleated top for Lila.  
I'm forcing myself to sew from my stash.  Why is that so hard sometimes??  I used this fabric to make a maxi dress for Lila a couples years ago.  I've also made a shirt (not blogged about) and I had just enough to get one more shirt outta the deal.  Trying to make my Grandma proud.  :)  Because it's old fabric from my grandma's stash.  That's why it's got kind of an old school vibe.  
Anywho.  I've loved seeing pleated knit shirts in stores, so I thought I'd try my hand.  Turns out pleats  and knit are a little tough.  Something about having to be precise....pshhhh.  Who has time for that?
But imperfect pleats aside, this is without a doubt Lila's favorite shirt.  
She's always trying to wear it.  She loved that I used polka dot bias tape around the sleeves and bottom of the shirt instead of a boring ol' hem.  Polka dots go a long way with this girl.    
Ad hey, if my kid wants to wear what I make them, I'm not gonna complain.  :)
Shirt Pretty in Peplum Pattern hack (old fabric)  //  Leggings Lollipop Leggings Pattern (Knit from Joanns)  //  Shoes Target 

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