Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Girl.

After sewing rather elaborate costumes for the girls, I needed a break.  Ezra was originally planning on being Emmett from Lego Movie and he wanted that costume to be legit.  I mean like this guy.  And there was just no way  I had it in me. He had in all planned for Sophia to be Wild Style too, but shoot.  I was spent.  Sorry buddy.  :(

That's when my sister in law, Debbie, saved the day!  She had this super cute little cowboy costume that fit Ezra perfectly.  He happily made the switch.  Because when you're 4 it's all about the candy anyway.

Hang onto your hats....

cuz this little cowboy is pretty adorable.

I mean check out his howdy ma'am face.  :)

The original hat that came with the costume, however, was a little too small for him though, but no worries because it fit someone else perfectly.

Every sheriff needs a pint sized deputy, right?

And every deputy needs a stuffed horse to carry around.

I put together a few things from my sewing stash to create a little cow girl costume for Sophia.  With mouse boots, of course (I was improvising, ok??)

The pleather was all from Joanns originally and the fringe trim is from Hobby Lobby.  I just used a jacket of Sophias to make a vest costume.  The skirt is a double layer circle skirt made using Dana's fabulous tutorial.  The pleather makes it stiff and puffy in the best way.

It's rough terrain out in the wild.

Sometimes your chaps just plum fall off.  (This shot makes me laugh every single time.)

But who cares about that when you've got legit cowboy boots?

Ezra insisted that this graduation "rope" thing is a lasso.  Lasso's with tassels.  He's ahead of his time.
I've been pumping Ezra full of John Wayne movies today, so he can get in his cowboy groove.

As a result, he's been saying, "Thank ya ma'am."  all day.

My grandpa would've been so proud.

Sometimes, you just need a store bought (or borrowed) costume to spark a little creativity.  So hi ho silver and yeee haaw!  Hope you have a rootin' tootin' Halloween weekend!  (I just couldn't help myself....)


A fairy godmother & her muse.

I thought I'd show you a few shots of these two in action.  They took their jobs very seriously.

These costumes were so fun (albeit time consuming to make).  Next year I'll definitely be taking it easy....but didn't I say that last year?  :)

Anyway, the tutorials for both costumes can be found here and here.

Sewing can be extremely gratifying and I really have enjoyed the last few years where I've learned to "hone in" on this craft.  I'm definately not a pro, but being able to make something from scratch is a very empowering feeling.

It was like a photographer fest while I was taking pictures of these girls.  You think I'm being dramatic, but really.  People were everywhere.  It was the first nice evening we've had weather wise in a while and 800 families, 200 couples, and one random mom lugging around four kids and a pumpkin were all out to take advantage.  ;)

One nice photographer, who was waiting for a family to show up for a session, walked by and complimented the girls.  They of course, giggled and twirled their response.  (No "thank you's" from my kids, just giggles and showing off.)  Anyway, he asked if I made the costumes and then asked if I wanted to be in the pictures with the girls.  And normally, no, I wouldn't because I'm in sweat pants and a messy bun thank you very much all the same.  But lucky break, I'd gotten ready that day.  It was very kind of him and it kind of made me teary.  Because sometimes it's nice to have a memory of me with them too.  :)

Also, two photographers had a pet bunny.  Like a legit pet.  It had its own little harness, pole, and everything.  The girls thought it was the best thing ever.

So bunnies, random strangers being nice for no reason, and two little girls in costumes, all made up for a magical evening.


Cinderella Dress // Tutorial

I promised myself I wouldn't go all disney this year. After last years Ode to Frozen, I was going to stand firm.  I had plans to make all the kids "bug" costumes.  And then I saw Cinderella.  And that dress.  I mean come on Disney.  Why you doin' this to me??  It's like they were taunting me.  "You thought you could just do bugs eh?  Jokes on you Mom who is crazy enough to try and replicate Sandy Powell's brilliant work." 

<Insert devil laugh.>  

But just like the fairy godmother dress, I couldn't get it outta my head all summer.  So I, being the nerd that I am, did all the research.  I watched behind the scenes footage, I knew how many yards of fabric it took.  I made Superman watch it for our Friday Night Movie.  He was really sweet and pretended to care because he knew that his wife was gonna try and make that dress.  

And so I did.  As you are well aware based on the overload of photos you're going to see.  
This shot would have been money on a replica of the actual cover if I actually knew how to take pictures correctly.  But alas, blurriness prevails.  Shoot.  
Also, bonus.  No cleavage with this dress.  Ug.  My only complaint about the movie.... I'll get off my soapbox though.  ;)
I purchased the butterflies from the floral section of Hobby Lobby.  I stuck safety pins in the butterfly bodies (yikes that sounded gruesome) so that I could just pin them in and take them out when I need to wash the costume.  
And you might have noticed that our cinderella lost both her slippers.  But that's because she doesn't have any.  Halloween is cold here so it'll be boots.  Glass, of course.  ;)
The biggest challenge for this was to make that dress child friendly.  For my six-year-old that means no zippers, buttons, or velcro. I am not a fan of that on costumes.  So I used a stretchy knit performance fabric and stretchy, soft tulle, and a layer of shimmery satin.  All from Joanns.  
All the layers were a little tricky, but if you're up for a challenge, click on for the full tutorial.


Fairy Godmother Costume // Tutorial

Let's just come right out and say it.  Mom's who sew their kids Halloween costumes and go all out are just crazy, right?  ;)  I know.  But holy cats, when I saw the new Cinderella movie, the costumes were begging to be re-created.  My mind just wouldn't let go.   
And was it just me or did the fairy godmother dress just not get enough attention?  It was all about Cinderella's dress.  Which was gorgeous of course, but holy cats, the fairy godmother dress was just so fun.  And I really actually enjoyed trying to re-create it for a 3 year old.  It took a little extra brain power putting it together but I mean
really. The cuteness factor here. She wins.  
And now enjoy a slew of pictures.  Because I just couldn't narrow it down and Madelyn hammed up this part.  She was granting wishes to everyone she saw.  
I hot glued a dowel and spray painted it for the wand.  
I bought the wings at the dollar store.  
Oh and the pumpkin from my mother-in-laws "magic" garden was nice and sturdy.  (No really her garden is magic I tell you.)
So should we get started?  
Click for the full tutorial. 
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