A fairy godmother & her muse.

I thought I'd show you a few shots of these two in action.  They took their jobs very seriously.

These costumes were so fun (albeit time consuming to make).  Next year I'll definitely be taking it easy....but didn't I say that last year?  :)

Anyway, the tutorials for both costumes can be found here and here.

Sewing can be extremely gratifying and I really have enjoyed the last few years where I've learned to "hone in" on this craft.  I'm definately not a pro, but being able to make something from scratch is a very empowering feeling.

It was like a photographer fest while I was taking pictures of these girls.  You think I'm being dramatic, but really.  People were everywhere.  It was the first nice evening we've had weather wise in a while and 800 families, 200 couples, and one random mom lugging around four kids and a pumpkin were all out to take advantage.  ;)

One nice photographer, who was waiting for a family to show up for a session, walked by and complimented the girls.  They of course, giggled and twirled their response.  (No "thank you's" from my kids, just giggles and showing off.)  Anyway, he asked if I made the costumes and then asked if I wanted to be in the pictures with the girls.  And normally, no, I wouldn't because I'm in sweat pants and a messy bun thank you very much all the same.  But lucky break, I'd gotten ready that day.  It was very kind of him and it kind of made me teary.  Because sometimes it's nice to have a memory of me with them too.  :)

Also, two photographers had a pet bunny.  Like a legit pet.  It had its own little harness, pole, and everything.  The girls thought it was the best thing ever.

So bunnies, random strangers being nice for no reason, and two little girls in costumes, all made up for a magical evening.


  1. Cinderella petting a cute animal, the Fairy godmother hiking up her skirts… Couldn't be more perfect! I'm so glad you got to be one of the pictures Beth. You're beautiful!

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