Fairy Godmother Costume // Tutorial

Let's just come right out and say it.  Mom's who sew their kids Halloween costumes and go all out are just crazy, right?  ;)  I know.  But holy cats, when I saw the new Cinderella movie, the costumes were begging to be re-created.  My mind just wouldn't let go.   
And was it just me or did the fairy godmother dress just not get enough attention?  It was all about Cinderella's dress.  Which was gorgeous of course, but holy cats, the fairy godmother dress was just so fun.  And I really actually enjoyed trying to re-create it for a 3 year old.  It took a little extra brain power putting it together but I mean
really. The cuteness factor here. She wins.  
And now enjoy a slew of pictures.  Because I just couldn't narrow it down and Madelyn hammed up this part.  She was granting wishes to everyone she saw.  
I hot glued a dowel and spray painted it for the wand.  
I bought the wings at the dollar store.  
Oh and the pumpkin from my mother-in-laws "magic" garden was nice and sturdy.  (No really her garden is magic I tell you.)
So should we get started?  
Click for the full tutorial. 

So now that I've sucked you in (mwahaha) you should know, this tutorial is super long and a bit sloppy. It's why I truncated the post.  But I wanted to record it either way.  Maybe it'll help some other nutty mom who wants to attempt a fairy godmother costume.  A major reason I designed this the way that I did was because I hate zippers, velcro, and buttons.  They're fine on normal clothes, but I wanted my girls to be able to pull things on and off without any trouble.  So here's what you'll need:

2 yards of satin fabric
3 yards of iridescent fabric
1/2 yard iridescent fabric knit performance fabric
1/2 yard silver costume fabric 
1/4 satin fabric with a sparkly design
1 yard of 1/4" elastic

for the neck piece

1/4 yard lace
1/4 yard heavy fusible webbing.  
1/2 yard of decorative lace trim

I used a shirt to create a normal pattern, then I cut it out to look like this.  The back bodice will still be the same, but the front needs to be cut in a little curve with a straight top edge.  Cut 1 back bodice, 2 sleeves, and 2 side front bodices and 1 front middle bodice, all out of the performance.  Now cut one more front middle bodice put of the "sparkly design" satin.   
Take those middle bodice pieces.  Cut the elastic to be a little shorter than the top of the bodice.  Cut some of the silver fabric out twice the size of the top in width and 2 inches in length.  
Fold the silver fabric together hot dog style :) and ruffle it.  Highest tension longest length.  And place it top down rst so the bottom aligns with the top of the bodice.  
Place the elastic on top 
and pin it stretching it slightly.  
And sew.  It will curl a little, but this will ensure that your child will be able to put the neck hole over their head.  :)
Now put the wrong side of the performance fabric wrong side on top of the right side of the fabric with a design.  
Flip it around and it should look like this.  
Now place the side bodice pieces on either side of the middle bodice.  
Now place each piece on top of the middle bodice rst.  
So it'll look like this
Align the back & front bodice and sew in a line down each shoulder.  
Flip it around like so
Open it up and place attach the sleeve pieces.
Like this
Now cut some more of the silver fabric 3x the width of the of the sleeve opening and 5" in length.  
Ruffle the fabric
Face it down and sew together
With rst sew down the sides.  
And flip it around.  
Now to make and finish off the neckline, measure the neckline of your bodice.
Cut two pieces of lace and two pieces of fusible webbing and attach them according to instructions like this
attach your lace trim and baste it on to one piece.
Now place the other piece on top and sew around the top.  
Turn it around and it should look like this
Now attach it to your neckline
And sew around.
For the skirt portion, I did 3 layers so that it would be extra puffy.  I didn't take pictures because I had so much stinking fabric I was dealin' with, so it'll get a little confusing.  Procede at your own risk.

Repeat the following step 2 times.  Measure how long you want the dress to go from the bodice.  Cut 2 rectangles at the length you want and 3x's the width of the bodice.  Sew the rectangles down each side with rst.  Do the same thing twice.  

Do once more, but with this layer, you'll want to cut the front piece in half and fold it over twice on either side towards the wrong side and sew down each side.  This layer will open up at the front like in this picture.
Now ruffle each layer.  

Layer each skirt piece on top of one another.  For the top layer, don't let either side overlap.  Make sure you have about 6 " in between.  Attach some elastic around the top and pull gently as you sew around.  This will help the skirt fabric (which has no give) attach more effectively to the performance fabric at the waist.   
To attach the bodice to the skirt, insert the bodice into the skirt pieces rst.  
Hem the bottom of all the layers.  We've got three goin' on here, but it's a little tough to see them all.  
"Tack" a few spots on the top layer of the skirt by hand sewing little portions.  It makes great little puffs.  :)  Gather a few folds and put your needle through.
Bring your needle back down and under through the backside of the fabric. 
Tie a little knot and it should look something like this.
And you're done!  Wow, if you finished that or even attempted it, give yourself a pat on the back and go enjoy a steak dinner or somethin'!  

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  1. That dress is seriously the cutest thing! I love it on her, and I hope you realize how amazing you are. How smart to make I without zippers, etc. I mustn't show this to my girls, who are wearing their cheap Elsa and Cinderella dresses (frayed as much as cinderellas pink dress in the movie...;)


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