Cinderella Dress // Tutorial

I promised myself I wouldn't go all disney this year. After last years Ode to Frozen, I was going to stand firm.  I had plans to make all the kids "bug" costumes.  And then I saw Cinderella.  And that dress.  I mean come on Disney.  Why you doin' this to me??  It's like they were taunting me.  "You thought you could just do bugs eh?  Jokes on you Mom who is crazy enough to try and replicate Sandy Powell's brilliant work." 

<Insert devil laugh.>  

But just like the fairy godmother dress, I couldn't get it outta my head all summer.  So I, being the nerd that I am, did all the research.  I watched behind the scenes footage, I knew how many yards of fabric it took.  I made Superman watch it for our Friday Night Movie.  He was really sweet and pretended to care because he knew that his wife was gonna try and make that dress.  

And so I did.  As you are well aware based on the overload of photos you're going to see.  
This shot would have been money on a replica of the actual cover if I actually knew how to take pictures correctly.  But alas, blurriness prevails.  Shoot.  
Also, bonus.  No cleavage with this dress.  Ug.  My only complaint about the movie.... I'll get off my soapbox though.  ;)
I purchased the butterflies from the floral section of Hobby Lobby.  I stuck safety pins in the butterfly bodies (yikes that sounded gruesome) so that I could just pin them in and take them out when I need to wash the costume.  
And you might have noticed that our cinderella lost both her slippers.  But that's because she doesn't have any.  Halloween is cold here so it'll be boots.  Glass, of course.  ;)
The biggest challenge for this was to make that dress child friendly.  For my six-year-old that means no zippers, buttons, or velcro. I am not a fan of that on costumes.  So I used a stretchy knit performance fabric and stretchy, soft tulle, and a layer of shimmery satin.  All from Joanns.  
All the layers were a little tricky, but if you're up for a challenge, click on for the full tutorial.
Like yesterday, this tutorial is sloppy, but hopefully it'll be helpful in some way.

You'll need:
1 yard performance fabric
4 yards blue tulle 
2 yards lavender tulle
1 yard shimmery satin
butterflies (I used 12)
safety pins
I made a regular bodice by drafting a pattern from one of Lila's shirts.  I cut the front bodice on a slant.  This is the front.  I cut 4 side bodices out of the performance fabric.  Cut two more side pieces out of the lavender tulle and 2 out of the blue tulle.  Cut two middle bodice pieces out of the performance fabric and one out of the blue tulle and one out of the lavender.  Complicated much?  
For the back, the bodice just stays regular.  Cut 2 out of the performance fabric and one out of each of the tulle.  
For the front, layer in this order: performance fabric, lavender tulle, then blue tulle for all pieces of the bodice.  
Place one side on the other with rst
Now do the same with the other and sew down both sides.
So it will look like this
And this from the back
Do the same thing with the other bodice cut out of just the performance fabric.
Set the lone back bodice piece rst with the previous front bodice piece.  Sew down the shoulders.  
Do the same thing with the top bodice piece and the back bodice tulle with the blue on top.  
Place both pieces rst and sew around the neck.
Then sew down the sides
Flip it right side out
Fold each sleeve edge in toward each other and sew around
For the sleeves, take 1/2-3/4 a yard of the blue fabric and fold it together and sew down the side.
Fold the peice toward the top
Then sew around the top leaving a small opening to turn the piece right side out.
Like so
Now scrunch up the piece
And attach it to the outside shoulder seams and sew on each side.
For the skirt pieces you'll just need to cut out two rectangle pieces  twice the length of the bodice by the desired length and sew down each side.  Do this for as many layers as you need.  I had five layers.  Four of tool, and then the satin on the bottom, so I repeated that step 5x's.  Ruffle each peice then baste the top together.  Then with rst, attach the skirt pieces to the bodice.  I didn't hem the tulle since it doesn't fray but I did hem the satin piece with a rolled hem.
And that's it!  Hope your little princess has courage, is kind, and enjoys.  :)


  1. I am with you on the cleavage! :/ This dress is so beautiful! I love the billowy, cloud-like shoulders (I don't know any sewing terms, obviously...:).

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