apples and two year olds

Happy October 1st!  
Isn't fall fun?  The crisp mornings, the sweaters, the pumpkins.  It's a lovely time of year that I really only came to appreciate once I finished college and stopped having to go to school in said lovely season.  Being a kid in fall is a little tough, being a mother in the fall is blissful.  :)
I took the kids on an apple picking trip of sorts recently.  
It's always fun to let them wander the orchard.  At sunset no less.  We were losing light fast, but it was still a sight to behold.  
And Madelyn was in an especially rare form of cuteness.  ahem.  
Having a two year old is an exhausting roller coaster of emotions.  One minute it's "oh she's so cute" the next it's "did you seriously just draw all over the table with a sharpie????"  Their are so many times in a given day that I truly question my mothering abilities.  Also my sanity.  "I really can't do this.  I can't be nice to her because she's such a monster!!!"  And then she falls asleep and I look at her and I remember how I adore her.  
My little wild child.  She has her Daddy's face in feminine form.  So how could I not love it.  :)
I whipped up this little shirt because it came into my head and I needed an easy sew before I delved into the daunting world of Halloween costuming. (it's a very serious affair folks ;)  It's a self drafted pattern.  I made it a high low hem and added a little ruffle bottom and lace heart in front.  Because naughty or not, this girl has my heart.
All fabric is from my stash because I am determined to whittle away on that beast before I allow myself to buy anything else.  However sorely I am tempted.  
Hope all your fall dreams come true!  I'm making more little movies lately because I want to preserve my memories of my kids before they all fade.  So I'm doing an occasional Mom Memories Series.  So basically, you get to see our little weasel in action. ;) Enjoy and be sure to stay till the end, she makes it worth it.  IT's pure Madelyn.  


  1. new visitor to your blog and just wanted to say hi, your daughter is just aces! love the apple toss ;)

  2. Aces—perfect word! 😊 I am loving the videos, and feel to exclaim with Lizzie, "Mow!"


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