I don't know what it is about fall for me.  It's not my favorite season (don't hate me!)  I think it's beautiful for so many reasons, but I'm a summer girl through and through.  Autumn time is special though and something about the changing colors gets me all philosophical.  I start (how shall I put this without completely insulting myself) getting a little...wordy...here on the blog.  If you look at my rambling-est posts, they are usually written in the fall.  Coincidence?  I think not.  It's a time where I just naturally get more introspective.

This has been an interesting year for me.  I've gone through some personal stuff that has been difficult and I've faced some of my own demons head on.  It hasn't been easy for me.  Especially when I didn't feel comfortable sharing with others.  It was easy to feel alone.  But I'm grateful for opportunities that come our way and help shape us into what we need to become.  Even when it's hard.  I am, of course, saying all of this after I've dealt with a lot of my own issues.  It's never easy to say "I'm thankful for this..." when we're in the thick of it, is it?  Especially when "the thick of it" lasts for months, even years.  

But with so many of my troubles behind me, I am counting my blessings right now.  Not to say I won't have more trials, but I just feel so grateful for right now, right here.  Of course, whenever you talk about your blessings, you sound like you're bragging and there's always someone who is tempted to compare or think that life is perfect for you.  That's not my intention, because my life is not perfect.  Nobody's is, no matter what it looks like from the outside.  But that doesn't mean we can't be happy.  So many of my prayers have been answered lately that I would feel ungrateful if I don't acknowledge the fact that life, imperfect as it is, is good and God has been merciful to me.  I cannot cannot cannot believe we're having twins!  And I have 4 healthy, beautiful kids and a husband I love.  I have to pinch myself constantly.  But that hurts, so I just stop and look around and think, "Wow."  It's much less painful.  ;)

And this one.

She still seems like such a baby to me.  But she's the sweetest.  Sophia is one of those kids that doesn't warm up to strangers very fast and she'll scowl at the well-intentioned old ladies who try to talk to her at the grocery store.  It's unfortunate.  But goodness, she is so sweet when you do get to know her.  It's so very fun.

I loved tromping through the leaves with her

while my cute little niece fed her smarties to keep her happy.
I've wanted to try the September Tunic/Dress for a while now, but never got around to it.

I sewed a size 12m based on the sizing chart (which fits perfectly with a little room to grow) but I won't lie to you, when I finished sewing it, I was a little skeptical.  
The pattern/style itself is great and simple (plus sleeves, thank you! because it's cold here) but mixed with the yellow color, it just felt a little....pioneery.  Then I put it on Sophia and it was perfect.  A little babe makes everything cute.  :)
Plus pairing it with a little sweater ups the cuteness factor....or maybe just the Anne of Green Gables factor.  Either way, I'll take it.  :)

I hope your November is happy and, whether life seems perfect or not, you find the good.  :) 


  1. I am amazed at how you pulled this mustard yellow fabric off! The pioneer girl effect is perfect! Love these pictures!

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