Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

I can't even tell you how frustrated I was when I cut his dress out and realized that I cut the tunic option, not the dress option of the First Day Dress.  Just one of those palm to forehead moments.  But I tried to make due and make a drop waist sorta thing.  The velvety fabric wasn't majorly forgiving, but oh well.  It's not exactly what I was envision, but at this point in my pregnancy, if I actually finish sewing something, it's a happy day and this baby has no choice but to wear it.

I listened to this Christmas talk on Sunday and I just loved it.  My sister-in-law made us this little "Come Let Us Adore Him" sign and I appreciate the reminder.

Sophia also find the sign interesting.  For different reasons, of course.

Anything that she can pick up, lift, and carry around is the best thing ever.

This has been such a happy Christmas season for us, we can't wait to find out the gender of our babies in a couple weeks.  So much to be thankful for!


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