Merry & Bright

Guess who didn't sew for her son this year?  I don't even care, because he doesn't even care.  I got all his clothes at Target, thank you very much.  And he's happy.  Because if I'm not sewing for him, that leaves more time for me to build blocks with him.  Win win win.  But I had to share some Christmas shots of this handsome little bloke.  Ezra has the best smile when it's real, when it's fake, it's a little stiff, but shucks, I like him anyway.  :)

We got a new tree this year.  I am all about fake...ahem, artificial trees.  :)  I think real trees can be beautiful, but I just don't have the patience.  Even when I was little and my Dad would get a real tree, I just remember thinking, "It would be awesome if we could have a tree that didn't shed, or have to be watered, or strung with lights."  Lo and behold, the next year, my parents got their first "fakey" and I have been on board ever since.  :)  Anyway, after 8 years of marriage and 3 years of browsing Christmas tree's, we made the plunge and got an actual fluffy tree that doesn't look plastic.  We let the kids have our old one.  Because we're so generous with that old $30 tree.  wink wink.  It's been fun to see the kids be excited to decorate it though and what's more cozy at Christmas than twinkle lights on a tree?  It warms the soul. 
I loved this recent talk about light at Christmas.  I guess I never put two and two together about all the symbolic light we see at Christmastime.  What a happy thing! Suddenly, I'm noticing all the lights on tree's, on houses, and even candles on the table and thinking to thinking of the light Christ can bring into our lives, even when things get tough.  I'm so thankful for that reminder.  Hope your Christmastime is so merry and bright!


  1. I love the scripture that reads: "The word of the Lord is light, and whatsoever is light is truth..." These photos of Ezra bring that kind of light, and so does your faith-filled blog.


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