new year, new direction.

Hello.  How are you?  Does someone sing Adele's latest song every single time you say hello?  Superman does.  Like really.  He calls me from work and somehow manages to get "Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiide." stuck in my head at least once a week.  At least.  But it's cute, plus Adele's voice is fantastico.  But wait, where was I?  

Oh yes, hello.  Happy New Year!  I'm very very excited for 2016.  So excited that I felt like I needed to type V-E-R-Y twice and put the second one in italics.  Now are you comprehending my excitement?? This will most likely be one our craziest years to date but pshh, we are so ready for it!

So if you hadn't heard already, we're having identical twins this year.  And if you didn't catch from my insta-feed, we found out they're girls.  And in case you couldn't hear the crying from your house, Ezra wasn't pleased.  But he's coping quite well and all of us are excited.  

But that brings me to my point.  Twins = a whole new level of crazy.  And because I have had a few health challenges, I am not on my game quite as much as I'd like to be.  It's been humbling to say the least.  Over the last 6 months, I've really had to cut back and evaluate what's important.  Like absolutely necessary for me to spend my time doing.  This new perspective has happened, in part, because of some wise words I read a few months ago from this talk.
Those words hit me like a ton-o-bricks and I knew I needed to make some changes.  Because right now, let's face it, I can barely get dinner on the table.  I've always been a jack of all trades, master of none type of a gal.  It's why I've never really excelled at anything in particular.  This blog, sewing, cooking, keeping my house clean ;) I've just never been at the top of the class.  But if there's one thing I'd like to really be good at, it's creating a happy home.  I firmly believe I can still do that in the chaos of raising 6 kids under 6, but I know I cannot do it if I don't focus on what matters most.  

So here on the blog, I'll be posting sporadically.  This blog is not a business for me, it's an outlet and I feel the need to share.  For the next year, I'll be documenting life in the twin-hood, home improvement projects, and any tiny little bit of sewing that I manage to eek out.  It doesn't make me feel sad to be cutting back, but I am sorry if you come here solely for sewing purposes or to advertise.  I just can't focus on that now.  I like to share what comes naturally and makes me happy so c'est la vie.  I do hope that you'll find it interesting though and that by sharing little bits of sunshine in my life, I can help bring a little to yours.  

So here's to a happy year!  Whether we sink or swim, I hope we'll all find a way to enjoy the ride.  :)  

PS You can download the 8x10 of that quote here

or click on this image, then right click and save.(8x10)


  1. Beth! Oh my goodness! I haven't visited for a while and just got caught up. I am so excited for you and your family!! And thank you for the reminder to do what matters most. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery!!

  2. Beth! Oh my goodness! I haven't visited for a while and just got caught up. I am so excited for you and your family!! And thank you for the reminder to do what matters most. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery!!

  3. I really, really love this quote! You guys are amazing. Congratulations on GIRLS!


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