The art of lounging

Well, that was a particularly awkward blog pause.  Not intentional, but you guys, I'm so pregnant.  I'm beginning to fully comprehend that a twin pregnancy means that I am going to be the size of a beluga whale.  What fun.  I'm easily bigger than any of my other pregnancies full term.  Which is so great considering I've got like 10 weeks left.  Yikes.  

But that's not why you're here is it?  I just had to tell you anyway, because pregnant life this time around has changed the course of our family priorities.  Life has gotten so very loungey.  My spell check claims that's not a word, but it is, I tell you. Loungey is, in essence, the art of the lounge. Comfy clothes, lay down, take a nap.  And since I do it, my kids do it.  But they play while they do.  Which is why Ezra was in need of some perfect lounge pants. 
Plus, boy has sensitive skin (think exema rashes all along the back of his legs).  We try to keep it down (this lotion works especially well) but the rash flairs up in the winter, so basically anything not made of knit fabric is persona non grata to this kid.  He calls jeans "cold pants."  He itches and itches unless he's got on comfy sweats and it's just not worth the battle most days.  Especially when I'm basically on bed rest and we're staying home having a Wild Kratts marathon.  Again.  ;)
Enter the Mini Hudson Pants.  Perfectly loungerific.  (I defy you, spell check).  
I've heard a lot about this pattern and I can really see why.  Comfy, but cute pants for your kids.  You can still run (or waddle, in my case) to the grocery store and know that your child has a little style goin' on.  That's important for all those grocery checkers to see.  ;)
Fast and easy.  This pattern comes together quickly.  So quickly in fact, that I cut out and sewed two more pairs in one afternoon.  That's saying a lot for me.  The instructions are clear and their is no hemming. That's always a plus! Sizing was perfect.  According to the size chart, Ezra was a size 5 exactly and the pants fit him spot on with a little room to grow.  Another pro is that this is a unisex pattern that ranges from sizes 2-10.  Plenty of room for my kids to grow and the options are endless.  
Because this is a unisex pattern, the end result looked a touch feminine on Ezra.  I think that's my fault more than the the patterns.  If I'd used sturdier, thicker knit, the pants would have looked more masculine on him. (But I was using free knit fabric and you can't beat free, right?  Plus this fabric is extra soft.)  Another small con would be that if you're not familiar with sewing with knit, this might be a little difficult.  But if you're interested in learning, this is a great place to start!  
Overall though, I'm happy with the pattern.  Anything that comes together this fast and that my son will wear while he lounges, plays or has "animal battles" with his toys is a a win in my book!  

kid's clothes week


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