Wild Things Room

We have been checking off project after project in our house and we are so close to finishing things up, but it all takes time and energy and that is unfortunately something that we have little of right now.  Well our kids have plenty to spare, but somehow, we just can't seem to find a way to transfer it.
Parent problems.

BUT a couple months ago, we did manage to finish off Ezra's room. << Insert jazz hands.>>

I thought I'd show it a little today.  I am, of course, highly unqualified in the art of interior design, but it's always fun to share ideas, right?  Plus sharing a nice, clean room helps me come to terms with the fact that the rest of my house looks like a bomb went off.  ;)  I'll sight where we got things at the very bottom.  This post is a little long, so click through if you wanna see more!

A few years ago (yes that's how long it's taken) when I started collecting decor, I wanted to do a purely nautical room.  But as time as progressed, I've want to play down the "ship" theme a little and add in a few other pieces.  Where the Wild Things are is one of Superman's favorite kid books (I'm given to understand that he was very much a "Max" as a child) so I decided to make it a "Wild Things" room.  Teepee's, arrows, water, pirates, the whole nine yards.

We already had some really cool, fun items that fit the theme, so it was just a matter of gathering things together and hanging things up.  Yuck.  Hanging pictures is probably one of my least favorite things to do as I'm not a very accurate person.  Luckily, Superman came to my rescue and got things up in no time.  Ok, a little more than no, but you catch my drift.  He's a better hanger than me.

The teepee is one of my favorite parts of the room.

My Dad had just pruned in his yard and had these massive sticks and the DIY in us couldn't just let them burn in a bonfire.  We scraped off a little bark and used a drop cloth canvas to create a simple teepee.

I used a number of different tutorials as a guide and then just kinda did my own thing.  It's pretty big (5 triangles and roughly 6 feet tall) but we wanted it to be roomy.    

I sewed in little leather straps to keep it open, but they often go unused since Ezra likes to play peek-a-boo instead.

The dresser next to the teepee is from my husbands family.  I wanna say that it's my mother-in-law's grandma's?  So kinda special and fits right in.

I love the little holders for Ezra's nicknacks and pictures.

And this little guy.  I just love him.  My Dad got him on one of his many trips abroad to I don't even know where, but it's perfect and Ezra thinks having a parrot in his room makes him a legit "pre-zoo-keeper" (his sole aspiration in life right now).

The map is also from my mother in law.  We were super sad that it got a little water damage on the top corner when we moved a few years ago, but I still really like it anyway,

I sewed the duvet cover.  I didn't do standard sizing, just a few yards of fabric with some backing and snaps to close it.  So many tutorials so you had to add fabric to each size and that just seemed like a lot, so I made my own rules.  I also made pillows with leftover canvas fabric and some soft knit in aztec print.  Superman made the bed a few years ago. (stained with special walnut)  It's actually a bunk bed too, but it's split and Lila uses the other one.

 The gallery wall is one of my favorite things.  Just a random bunch of pictures that are important to us and nobody else and I love that.

And behind the door is a simple hat hanger...for the many hats that I buy because they're adorably that Ezra refuses to wear.  Go figure.  ;)

All in all it's a happy room for our little guy!  Scroll down to see where we got things.  Some things were either gifted, homemade or just old, but hopefully it'll give you a general idea.

Source List:
Bedspread (made by me) fabric from fabric.com
Aztec Pillow Fabric: Hobby Lobby (old sorry)
Arrow picture hanger:  Hobby Lobby similar//similar
Keys:  Hobby Lobby
Steering Wheel: Hobby Lobby
Waves Painting: by my Dad see more here
Treasure Chest: Homemade gift but here are two similar//similar
Curtains: Ikea
Hat hanger: Ikea


What's in a name and other tidbits

Just popping in to say hi!  I'm totally on bed rest right now and I basically live on the couch, when I'm not at the doctors office.   It's been humbling and a little frustrating, but our little babes are doing oh so well, so no complaining here!  Just about three weeks left--oh happy day!  With that in mind, we've gotta figure out some names for these little chickadees and names are something that I just find tricky.  People are legit funny about what you name your child, especially before they meet said child.  It's like once they see a baby plus the name, they're like "Oh. Ok. Your child, your choice."  But try Lila Louisa on someone before said child is born and watch out.  Serious business, folks.  When we had Lila and Ezra, everyone had opinions, but we didn't really care because we liked the names.  With Madelyn, we just weren't positive on how to spell it, but with Sophia, we had no clue and so she went nameless for a while.  Such is the case with these girls.  I had a slew of boy names ready to go, but I'm runnin' outta girl names here people!  (Especially when Superman has dated all the girls of Metropolis, girl names can be tricky business.;)  Anyway, we basically just won't settle on anything until we meet these girls, but in the mean-time, our kids have some excellent ideas.  This is a pretty random vid, but I love my kids at this phase right now, so I added in a little of their nonsense.  They were all sick when we did this, so stuffy noses are abundant and the kids are pretty quiet when talking to the camera.  Oh, and I swear I wiped all their faces, but I think they have perma-milk mustaches tattooed above their lips.

So.....welcome to our world.  :)
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