What's in a name and other tidbits

Just popping in to say hi!  I'm totally on bed rest right now and I basically live on the couch, when I'm not at the doctors office.   It's been humbling and a little frustrating, but our little babes are doing oh so well, so no complaining here!  Just about three weeks left--oh happy day!  With that in mind, we've gotta figure out some names for these little chickadees and names are something that I just find tricky.  People are legit funny about what you name your child, especially before they meet said child.  It's like once they see a baby plus the name, they're like "Oh. Ok. Your child, your choice."  But try Lila Louisa on someone before said child is born and watch out.  Serious business, folks.  When we had Lila and Ezra, everyone had opinions, but we didn't really care because we liked the names.  With Madelyn, we just weren't positive on how to spell it, but with Sophia, we had no clue and so she went nameless for a while.  Such is the case with these girls.  I had a slew of boy names ready to go, but I'm runnin' outta girl names here people!  (Especially when Superman has dated all the girls of Metropolis, girl names can be tricky business.;)  Anyway, we basically just won't settle on anything until we meet these girls, but in the mean-time, our kids have some excellent ideas.  This is a pretty random vid, but I love my kids at this phase right now, so I added in a little of their nonsense.  They were all sick when we did this, so stuffy noses are abundant and the kids are pretty quiet when talking to the camera.  Oh, and I swear I wiped all their faces, but I think they have perma-milk mustaches tattooed above their lips.

So.....welcome to our world.  :)


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