la la, how the life goes on.

Ahhh summer.  You know that feeling that comes with summertime?  What is it?  Oh ya, light, warmth.  Every year I have to remind myself that Idaho does indeed have a sun.  June rolls around and it's like, "Oh hey there Sun, we missed you."  And then it snows the next day.  Just kidding.  Full disclosure, I have known it to snow here in June.  But that's just crazy el nino doin' it's business. Idaho summers are normally perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold, just right.  We're talkin' Goldilocks-after-she-finds-the-little-bears-porridge perfect.  It makes you wanna go outside as much as possible.  Ezra is my little outdoorsy boy.  He'd live in the grass if he didn't sneeze like a maniac every time he sat in the stuff.  
So on one of his brief visits indoors due to a sneezing attack, I had him help me make a freezer paper stencil of his favorite Beatles song.  We just used some Freezer Paper, Tulip fabric paint, and a T-shirt we already had.  Some of the lines didn't turn out perfectly, but that's just the nature of having kids help paint.  And Ezra likes his shirt, so who cares? 
I think creating should be a happy thing, not always a perfect thing.  So when we pulled off the freezer paper and some of the lines had bled through, we just sang "Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on." 
 And thus ends todays life lesson from The Beatles.  Thanks for attending, you all get an A+.  


One in a melon

True fact: the summer that I was pregnant with Lila, I consumed roughly 25 watermelons.  It was summer 2009.  The sun was shining, I was in school taking classes about interiorscape, American humanities, and journalism respectfully and sadly retaining hardly a thing because I had serious pregnancy brain.  But they were good times and I was happy.  Mainly because I knew I wouldn't have to take any math classes for the rest of my life.  I would waddle home, kick the shoes off my swollen feet, cut a watermelon in half, grab a spoon and dig in.  Literally.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner was all watermelon. 
So it's no surprise that this girl is a lover of all things watermelon.
And she's the most graceful watermelon eater I've ever seen.  Really.  She doesn't get a drop on her. 
She may get her love of watermelon from me, but her cleanliness is all from her father.  
Anyway, all that to tell you about this dress.  A simple Geranium dress hack.  I lengthened the skirt to be a maxi dress.  That simple.
I sewed a 4T bodice and added a little trim to the front.  
A summer dress, perfect for eating watermelon....if you're a non-dripper like Lila, that is.  ;)


Meet Penelope & Clementine

I'm telling you guys.  You just can't make this kind of perfection up.

These little girls are heaven sent.  A huge thanks to my sister-in-law for working her magic on our beautiful little girlies.  Penny and Clemmy are straight from heaven. They've blessed our family in so many ways and I love that we get to watch them grow.

Penny is all sorts of chill.  She loves to snuggle and she has the cutest little face, I can't even deal.

Clementine is spunky and alert.  I stare at her all the time because I love her face. Basically, I love both my girls faces.  :)

Overall, these beautiful girls are perfect.  We don't get much sleep and life gets chaotic with 6 under 6, but it's totally worth it.  These girls are our everything.  :)


Double Babies

Honestly.  I don't even know where to start.  So I'm not gonna try.  It's been 2 months.  2 months in blogger time is the equivalent of 2 years.  Essentially, I'd be fired if this were my job.  Good thing my job is to hold 2 babies at once.

So I'll tell you our story briefly in pictures (taken by my sweet sister-in-law).

Penelope Anne (5 lbs 7 oz) & Clementine Grace (4 lbs 12 oz) were born April 11th.

The last 2 months have gone by so fast, it's insane.  Life is so so good right now, you guys.  It's got its crazy ups and downs, but man, this has just been the best thing for our little family.  The twins came early and spent some time in the NICU.

Instead of telling you the whole story, I'll water it down a bit for you.  It was hard.   But the kind of hard where you know everything is going to be ok.  We've been blessed and so many people have been so kind.  We've been able to see God's hand in our lives and this experience has been truly miraculous.

Being pregnant and giving birth to 2 was the most difficult thing I've ever done.  I was so grateful to have the support of my very best friend.

And because I love this picture so much I'm giving you black and white and color.  So many emoooootions.

These two are just the best.  I have no words.....also I'm tired, so my brain powers are fried.

And as always, if you wanna see a lot more of my life, follow along on instagram.
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