Magic unicorn pj's

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Lila is not a complainer.  (Forgive me, I've been re-listening to Pride and Prejudice while I fold laundry this week.  :)  But really, Lila doesn't complain.  She is a trooper.  So when she very quietly mentioned that she had no pajamas to wear to bed, I was like, "What? You're full of bologna--sure you do!"  And then I went and looked in her drawer and realized that she has grown out of all her pajama's except for one pair of footie pj's and who needs to suffocate in fleece in the middle of summer? 
Since we can't drop everything and run to the store these days.  (Because really, have you ever tried to load up 4 little kids and twins and take them to a store?  Me neither.  It's a feat I haven't been brave enough to try yet.) So I looked through my stash and found some knit and sewed up some pj's.  I just drafted a quick pattern using Lila's clothes.  I had juuust enough knits, as you can tell from the shorts.  :)  
And I slapped a little unicorn silhouette on there with some silver fabric paint and freezer paper. Lila thought it was magical to get some new pajama's so fast, so a unicorn was fitting.  
And Lila was delighted.  Like a I said, not a complainer + easy to please. 


2 is good.

Our little Sophia turned 2 last week.  I can't say I'm in denial.  I'm really just loving it.  Most of the time.  She is 2 after all. And if you know a 2 year old, you know that they are equal parts awful and adorable.  Like a roller coaster.  It's how they stay alive.  So no matter what her mood, we love our little sweet cream girly.  She is just the best little Sophia in all the land.   



I've always imagined that if my child threatened to run away, I'd have one of those Andy Griffith moments.  Or maybe I'd be like Mrs. Quimby when Ramona tries to run away.  Remember that?  She packs Romana's "running-away" bag so that it's too heavy to carry.  I guess I sort of thought I would be the classic "wise parent" where my imaginary child and I would hug and she would love me and clean the house for me.....ok, I'm getting carried away.  But last week, I experienced my first "I'm running away" moment with my real child.  I genuinely don't think that Lila or Ezra have ever considered running away.  They probably never even knew that option was on the table.  But Madelyn.  She's a whole different ball of wax for me as a parent.  
So when I sent Madelyn to her room for hitting her sister for the __nth time that day, I took a deep breath and mentally prepared for the conversation that I have at least daily with at least one of my children.  You know the one.  Something along the lines of "Madelyn, it's ok to feel mad, but it's not ok to hit.  Can you think of something else you can do instead of hitting?

Little did I know that Madelyn had taken matters into her own hands and decided something else she should do instead of hitting.  I walked into Madelyn's room to find her putting a book, a stuffed animal, and one shoe (you know, just the essentials) in her panda backpack.  

"I'm going to wun away to Flowida with Cond and Hypa," she informed me.  

Cond is Madelyn's longtime imaginary friend.  We're not sure if Cond is a boy or girl, if he/she is 3 or 33.  The details change to suit Madelyn's convenience.  But Cond is definitely in college, or so we've been told.  Hyper is a recent addition to Madelyn's imaginary friend family.  Gender and age are also unspecified.  I really don't know what a professional parent would have done, but I just laughed and gave her a hug.  And off she went to Florida (which ended up being in the playroom) and she had a grand old time.  And I saved the hitting conversation for another (sure to happen) disciplinary session.  Because one thing I do know about 3-nagers, is that they'll always be back.  :)
This dress was made not for Madelyn's Florida vacation, but mostly for my sanity because Madelyn was constantly fishing the fabric out of my stash, wrapping it around herself, and carrying it wherever she went.  I can take a hint plus it's been a while since I sewed anything for my sweet peach.  
So I grabbed the Pretty in Peplum (on of my favorites) by Sew Much Ado and extended the peplum into a circle skirt to make the perfect swirly dress.
Perfect for swishing and dancing.  
Both of which Madelyn did in abundance while I took pictures.
I figure at some point, all of my trying with Madelyn is all gonna sink in and I am genuinely excited to see what kind of person this little girl turn into someday. 



After I saw Mary Poppins for the first time when I was little, I was convinced that if I could learn to snap hard enough, I would be able to use my snapping abilities to clean my room.  Just like Jane and Michael Banks.  Unfortunately, all that practicing only gave me a good snap, a still messy room, and sore fingers.  I mean, in my heart, I knew it wasn't really going to work, but boy if it had, my room would have been spotless. My mom had to be frustrated when she came up to inspect, only to find a little girl sitting in the middle of her room, snapping.  

Now picture me walking into my kids playroom after I'd told them to clean up, only to find them all furiously snapping at their stuffed animals, trying to make them fly into the toy chest.  "What the devil?" I ask.  And then I remember that the kids just watched Mary Poppins for the first time the night before.  Karma is real I tell you.  Thanks a lot Mary P.  :)

Needless to say, my kids are properly Mary Poppinized.  Aside from making them think that they don't have to actually clean their room, it's actually been quite sweet to watch my kids love one of my favorite old movies, not to mention their advanced snapping abilities or the serious cardio work-out they get during "Step-in time."  
The all time favorite, though, is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  Lila is especially enamored with the word.  So I thought I'd use a freezer paper stencil and paint it on a t-shirt.  
As it turns out, I'm not the first person who's done this.  Google it--they're everywhere.  Just another example of how I think I'm really original, only to find out that I'm not. Luckily, Lila still thinks I'm pretty great--little does she know. ;)
If I were smarter, I'd get a Silhouette or Cri-cut to cut for me, but for now, it's exact-o all the way.  You better believe that my fingers were super sore after I cut out all the words.  Almost as sore as my fingers where when I learned how to snap all those years ago.  What goes around comes around, that's the take-away from this post.  :)     



4th of July has always been my secret favorite holiday.  Love Christmas, love Easter, love Thanksgiving (mostly the food on that one) but Independence Day is in the summer and that makes all the difference for me.  I don't have to bundle my kids in coats, heck, they don't even have to wear shoes if they don't want to.  My girls ask for their nails to be painted like so.

We BBQ and sip soda outside and my children can get as sticky as they please. We watch fireworks, light sparklers and throw little white poppers on the ground and hope that all those little shoe-less feet get outta the way.  We go to parades and watch awkward people wave.  And they throw candy at me.  All in the name of freedom.  It's like my dream come true.
I made this dress for Lila to wear for the 4th of July weekend (and beyond, I never like to take the time to sew something that will only be worn once).  It turned out very Norman Rockwell esque, which is what I was going for.

Which is what I was going for.  The material is a bottom weight denim.  I used the First Day Dress pattern as a base, but lowered the bottom and ruffled a rectangle strip to make a drop waist. Because the fabric was a little stiff, I feel like the ruffle doesn't lay as nicely as I envisioned, but I'm still happy with the way it turned out.

And I always like the button enclosure in this pattern.  Nice and simple.

Life for us has gotten very simple--like a Norman Rockwell painting.

Not to say that it's easy or perfect, just simple.

Having the twins has forced us to make things as uncomplicated as possible.  We say "no" a lot.  We don't go out much.  And since being a hermit is basically my dream come true, I've been more than happy.

PS This is how Lila really feels about soda.  #notafan

 Happy weekend all!
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