Magic unicorn pj's

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Lila is not a complainer.  (Forgive me, I've been re-listening to Pride and Prejudice while I fold laundry this week.  :)  But really, Lila doesn't complain.  She is a trooper.  So when she very quietly mentioned that she had no pajamas to wear to bed, I was like, "What? You're full of bologna--sure you do!"  And then I went and looked in her drawer and realized that she has grown out of all her pajama's except for one pair of footie pj's and who needs to suffocate in fleece in the middle of summer? 
Since we can't drop everything and run to the store these days.  (Because really, have you ever tried to load up 4 little kids and twins and take them to a store?  Me neither.  It's a feat I haven't been brave enough to try yet.) So I looked through my stash and found some knit and sewed up some pj's.  I just drafted a quick pattern using Lila's clothes.  I had juuust enough knits, as you can tell from the shorts.  :)  
And I slapped a little unicorn silhouette on there with some silver fabric paint and freezer paper. Lila thought it was magical to get some new pajama's so fast, so a unicorn was fitting.  
And Lila was delighted.  Like a I said, not a complainer + easy to please. 


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