Art Week 2: Day 1

At the beginning of art week, we always try to start with the basics at the very beginning.  Tell me you're not singing "a very good place to start" right now?  :)  So Day 1 is all about the stone age.  I mean literally, go grab some stones (and some paint).

We literally live in an old river bed, so rocks are like weeds around here.  I just had the kids go gather rocks from the garden and wash them off.  If you don't have rocks in abundance, just use paper, wood, or whatever you have on hand!

We talked about cave paintings (like last year) and I also tied in how pretty God has made the Earth already and that art can often enhance Gods creations.  (If you're not religious, feel free to skip this.)   Instead of using chalk, I let the kids make their own "rock designs."

Painting is usually a favorite with my kids and they took this job very seriously.

And although I know they didn't have sparkly paints or hot pink in the stone age, we used whatever craft paint we had.  ;)

In the end, the kids were delighted with their "modern" cave/rock paintings.

It's always fun to see how something so simple can make kids happy!  See you tomorrow for Day 2--it's gonna get messy!


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