Art Week: Day 2

Art week Day 2 is all about sculpting!  
I focused on the artist Michelangelo and some of his famous sculptures.  We googled his statue David.  I kinda focused on the face, not trying to be overly restrictive, but my kids are little I didn't really wanna be too free and easy.  Besides, they were fascinated with just the face anyway.  They thought it was so cool that someone could chisel or sculpt something out of nothing.  Then we tried our hand at our own sculpting.  
We used some Crayola Air Dry Clay (pictured above) but honestly, play-doh (homemade or store bought) would have worked just as well.  In fact, if you have really young kids, play-doh would be preferable because this clay was a little difficult to work with.  Even my 6-year-old struggled a little.  But in a way, it was good to give them an idea of how difficult sculpting must have been for Renaissance artists.  
The end result was not necessarily picture worthy, but the kids were so proud of their little sculptures!  Lila and Ezra made little flower pots, and Madelyn mostly made snowmen.  And I'll be honest, this clay and play-doh in general, are quite messy and require a litle of cleaning up by yours truly afterwards, but I think it's worth it.  What matters is that we had fun and learned a little on the way!  
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