Art Week 2: Day 3

Here we are at Day 3!  I'll be honest, by Day 3 I'm pretty tired.  Working around twins for artweek has been a little tiring.  And although we've definitely scaled back compared to last year I still have to make adjustments as we go through the week.  I'd planned on taking the kids to the park to draw, but it just didn't end up happening.  And that's just fine.  

We ended up talking about self-portraits, or speaking in a language my kids could understand, "the original selfies."  I focused on the artist Rembrandt, specifically his self portraits. 

Then I gave the kids a mirror and let them try to chalk their faces.  (If you don't have a chalkboard  chalk, pencils, crayons and paper work just as well.)  
The giggling that went on during this process was hilarious.  
And for good reason.  These kids are such little hams.
Ezra has perfectly captured his stiff smile
Overall, the simplicity of this activity was nice and I liked being able to add in a little bit about their self worth as they drew themselves.  We talked about perspective and how we view ourselves.  I want to teach my kids to be happy with themselves when they're young so that as they get older, they can have a healthy self-esteem and then move on and help others.  Anyway, it ended up being a positive little lesson.  And I'll be honest, after we all de-chalked our hands with a good hand wash, I let the kids go watch a movie while I took a nap.  Like I said, adjust to what works for you and your kids during artweek.  :)  

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