Art Week 2: Day 4

Bust out the paint.  It's:
Mary Cassatt is one of my favorite artists.  I love how she captured moments of everyday life.  Not only was she one of the first female artists who really made a name for herself, I feel like she excelled at creating moments.  Especially with mothers and their children.  Obviously, motherhood is something that is so special to me and as a child, when I looked at Mary Cassatts' mother/child paintings, they shaped a lot of my hopes and ideals of what motherhood might be like if I was lucky enough to become one someday.  As a mom, I love to capture moments.  Not that I'm claiming to be as good as a famous artist, obvs.  I'm not a professional photographer.  I'm not even an amateur.  I really have no interest to be.  My happiness is just in snapping a quick pic or video that is going to save a memory for me.  I think that's why impressionism is my favorite art period.  The fuzzy pictures always make me think that the artist was capturing a moment and were somehow able to share it with the haze of memory on the canvas.  
Anyway, I'm rambling.  After I explained that to the kids, they were bouncing off the walls because they really didn't care and they just wanted to paint.  :)  So I let the kids choose a picture that they liked and then paint their interpretation of it.  
I kind of loved the results.  Especially Ezra's.  

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