Art Week 2: Day 5

I'd be lying if I said Day 5 wasn't my favorite.  And my kids' favorite.  Because it's all about Jackson Pollock.  So naturally, it's messy.  And my kids love to be messy.  

I showed the kids some of Jackson Pollock's art and pictures of him actually painting.  They thought it was so cool.  I actually have to commend the kids for being able to see more than just splatterings of paint on a canvas.  As they looked, they all pointed out things that they could see.  Tree's, birds, star wars ships (of course), a windy day, flowers, the list was endless.   

Then I laid down a large roll of paper.  This is a purchase that I highly recommend, my kids love coloring or painting on a big piece of paper. If you don't have one however, just use whatever paper you've got. 

I dumped out the paint and let them loose.  Here they are all set, wearing grocery bags.  My feeble attempt at keeping them clean.  
They started timidly at first.
But they got over their trepidation quickly.  
And they were delighted by their messiness.   
By the end, everything was covered in paint.

The best part about art week is seeing my kids completely happy with what they have made.

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Thanks for following along!  I'm off to go scrub paint off my floors.  :)

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