Art Week for Kids 2

I didn't mean to wanna do it.  I promise.  But when all the stores started bustin' out their school supplies, I started to get the itch.  I kept thinking back to all the fun memories we made last year.  The painting, the exploring, the learning.  Art Week was such a positive experience for me as a mom.  I couldn't help myself, I caved into my own personal peer pressure. :)

So Art Week 2 is here.  But it doesn't have to be complicated!  In fact, I've scaled back quite a bit from last year.  (And last year wasn't even too complicated.)  The challenge is simply to teach your kids a little about art each day.  Spending quality time with my kids and connecting with them is one of the most rewarding parts about motherhood for me.  But so often, a full day goes by and I haven't even paid attention to them.  So I do this to help me plan to have some conscious parenting with my littles.  Plus when we create together, I feel like it boosts my kids' confidence.  It works for me, even when it doesn't go perfectly. It's definitely not meant to make you feel guilty.  Adjust to your situation and hopefully, it can be a positive experience for you too!  All you have to do is grab your kids, once a day and do some art with them.

So bust out your crayons and let's get making!  As always, you can follow along on my instagram for ideas and inspiration!

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