I think I'm ready.

Guys, it's been 2 years.  I'm ready to share.  The trauma.  The horror of it all.

I wouldn't share except for the fact that this triangle wall gets so many comments and emails.  But if you knew how much stress this wall caused me, the wrinkles it created, you probably wouldn't ask. 

Let me clarify.  It was not the actual painting, not the actual wall that was the downfall. Just what came afterward.  So don't be scared about doing a triangle wall.  That part is actually quite fun.  Just avoid the pitfalls.  

Those pitfalls being a 2 year old, a brand new basement, and some paint.  Do you see where I'm heading with this?

It was a bright and sunny day in August 2014.  Jonathon had just finished the basement a month before to accommodate our growing family.  We'd just had little Sophia.  She was a good, sleeping baby and so I thought "Let's paint the wall today."  Lila and I had the colors and supplies picked out for months, just hadn't found the time or energy.  But that day, that fateful day, was the day.  

We started by taping.  I actually did a small little sample design first out of the paint samples on an 8.5 x 11 paper, so that I could get a sense of what things would look like.  I decided to make the bottom of the triangles 2 feet and the sides 1 foot. We taped.  It took a while, wasn't perfect, but oh well.  Based on my smaller design, I labeled which triangles would be painted which colors.  So far so good.  
 I used Behr Swiss Coffee as the paint on the bottom layer and the rest of the walls.  So I busted some of that out to paint on the lines of the tape.  You do this on tape lines so that the next colored layer isn't as likely to bleed through.  Our walls our plastered "Santa Fe" style , so they don't have a lot of bumps either.  That helps too.  
I purchased paint samples in 6 different colors.  Lila picked the colors.  Obvs.  Romantic Morn was the only one I really cared for.

We set to work.  Look at how little she was!

We painted all the triangles according to the color I'd written.

Eventually we added the other colors.  This is after a first coat.

Second coat and I did a 3rd coat (not pictured), just in case.

Eventually we got here.  Sort of a "kid meets Las Vegas" look.  If that's not too much of an oxymoron to be possible.  The whole goal for the room was to let Lila choose, so I just zipped my lid.  Besides, if it were up to me, it probably would have just been white or gray so.....

This is a basement room, so we were working around air ducts.  And look at tiny, chubby little Ezra!

 After we let it dry for a bit, we pulled off the tape.

 And made a mess.
And viola.  Some of the triangles were a little wonky and I can't say it was particular style, but oh well, Lila was so tickled.

And then.  Like an idiot, I closed the paint samples and put them in the windowsill.  Right where 2 year old Madelyn had access.  While I went upstairs to feed Sophia, Madelyn quietly dumped paint out all over herself, the brand new carpet, the freshly painted walls in our basement, then upstairs.  Almost every wall had her hand print on it.  When I saw her 20 minutes later, I just couldn't even.  I stuck her in the tub, cried, scrubbed everything, cried, and cried some more.  My hands were raw from scrubbing out paint.  Jonathon even came home early from work to help me.  I'm such a baby.  My biggest take away of the day was lock up the paint and be proud of yourself that you didn't hurt your child.

You know what though?  Life went on.  Madelyn is almost 4 now and we've almost survived her toddlerhood.  Most of the pink paint is gone now.  We either scrubbed it out or painted over it.  The paint that remains is bearable.  But sometimes when I come into this room and see the triangles, my heart just wishes that I'd done boring old gray.

So go, make your triangle wall, just keep it away from your toddler guys.  Far away.


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