Strawberry Girl

And so our little Louberry turned 7.  
A day she's been looking forward to ever since she turned 6.  Do all kids do that?  They have one birthday and they are so excited to have their next birthday.  Only 365 days away!  :)
Every once in a while, the giggly hyper seven-year-old comes out and I almost don't know how to deal with it.  Because normally, Lila is like a 20 year old in a 7 year old body.  She's basically more mature than me in so many ways. She's our little guinea pig, she sees me at my worst and loves me anyway.  I think in so many ways, it must be hard to be an oldest child, but Lila is just about the sweetest oldest child I could ask for and everyday I'm thankful for all she does to help me.   
But when that little giggly girl does come out, which it did in a big way on her birthday, we run out to took pictures.  Because time flies and I love watching my kids grow, but I'm always thankful to have a memory of them to look back on.  
This shirt was pretty easy to whip up.  It's basically a t-shirt with extended sides.  
Loose and perfect for twirling.  It's also easy to make into a dress.  It looks adorable on little girls and hides any extra baby weight on Mama. ;)  All you need is some knit fabric, coordinating thread, and an (optional) twin needle for hemming.  This strawberry fabric is from Joanns.  I couldn't find it online, but I found it by the cutting counter at the store.  It's a little thin, but actually sews up pretty well.  I made a mini tutorial below.  
This tutorial is admittedly not in depth.  It's pretty basic.  Google how to sew a t-shirt and you'll find lots of steps to walk you through how to cut and attach sleeves/neckband.  I'm really only showing you how to make your shirt/dress swingy.  
Grab your knit and fold it in half with your stretch stretching horizontally like the arrow shows.  
Now take your t-shirt.  Turn it inside out, then fold in half.  This is how you'd set up to make a normal t-shirt.  
But instead, we're going to extend out to an angle. Starting underneath the sleeve, cut your fabric at an angle all the way down to the bottom of the shirt.  You're basically just adding a triangle.  Like the red lines show you.

Continue to cut the rest like your shirt pattern like you normally would.  You'll also want to cut 2 sleeves, and a neck band.  And again, google how to sew a shirt and you'll find easy tutorials all over the place.  If you're making a dress, just cut down more on an angle.  Sew up your shirt/dress, hem if desired, grab some balloons and enjoy!  (Ok, balloons are optional. :)


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