Life with girls

This is exactly what happens when you have 5 sisters and they pick out the material for your pants.
I mean, it's fine.  A little on the feminine side, but hopefully they'll pass for boys?  Either way Ezra is really happy with them.  He struggles with eczema especially on his legs, so he doesn't love jeans.  Bottom weight fabrics tend to be softer, so he's a fan.  
I used the Skinny Jean Pattern by Peek-a-boo Patterns.  It's been a while since I used this pattern, but once I started up again, it all came back to me.  This is a fun one.  Even though after I cut the pattern, Sophia found my scissors and cut random spots in the pants.  BUT I just went with it and added some extra stitching to match the stitching on the back of the pockets.  Woot.  Also no belt loops.  Because: no patience.  :)
Ezra is actually pretty sweet about most things when it comes to all his sisters.  It was beyond difficult for him when he found out that the twins were girls.  He cried for days.  He got over it and of course he loves the girls, but he still holds out for at least one brother.  Sometimes I wish people knew how much he wanted a brother, but strangers always feel the need to remind him that he's the only boy.  And Ezra just kind of sighs.  Like we had any choice in the matter of gender.  :)  Thanks strangers.  Thanks.  
But either way, I consider myself so fortunate to have the experience of having a boy.  
He's so precious to me and I'll always be thankful.  And sending him to school has been hard, but good.  He's loving it so far.
I used an existing t-shirt to make the shirt.  I re-purposed an XL shirt to make this one.  I saw the little sunglasses and I couldn't resist.
 Also, this cracks me up.  We've been watching the Great British Bake Off on Netflix and Ezra is a huge fan of Richard, the "builder" who always wears a pencil behind his ears.  :)  This is his little tribute.  Classic Ezra.


  1. We like Richard the Builder too! 😊 this sweet boy needs a week wth his weird boy cousins, doesn't he?


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