Stretchy Car Seat Cover Tutorial

Warning: old people hate these.  It's the honest truth.  These stretchy car seat covers are just that good at keeping your baby from the clutches of all those hands.  :)
 I'm kidding really.  Well half kidding.  I truly have gotten comments from older people about "you funny parents these days who don't want people to see your babies."  Though to be fair, I don't actually mind people seeing or touching my babies. 
It's more about giving them some safety from the weather plus a sort of quiet spot to sleep while we're out and about.  
And you can peak in and check on your baby whenever you need to.  
I saw this kind of car seat first a couple years ago.  A mama in front of me at the store was carrying a car seat that covered the whole car seat.  And I was like, "Wha!?  Is that made out of knit?  Genius." I sort of wished that I could grab that car seat cover and trace it out so that I could make one, but I refrained.  I did however, promise myself that I'd figure out how to make one.  Especially after I found I had not one but two little babies in the oven.  So I figured out how to make these covers and they'er so easy guys.  One yard of fabric!
I've tweaked the measurements and figured out what I like best.  It should fit a standard car seat, but adjust measurements to your liking.  I also feel bad that I didn't pull the fabric down to the bottom of the car seat for the pictures.  That's usually how I use it, but I was rushing to take some quick pictures so oh well.  Just imagine the fabric is covering the stickers.  :)  And seriously, after having 6 kids in 6 years and using seat cover after seat cover, this style is the best.  It doesn't flip up, it doesn't smother your baby, it's exactly what a new mama needs.   
Pair it with a super cheap drawstring backpack/diaper bag and you're set!  I like living life a little....less expensively.  Is that so tacky??  :)  
 Ready to make one for yourself?  Or a friend whose having a baby?  These make great gifts.
 You'll need:

  • A sewing machine
  • Coordinating thread
  • 1 yard of stretchy knit fabric.  Look for knit fabric that's at least 58-60 inches. {If the fabric doesn't have a 4 way stretch, make sure that it stretches side to side quite a bit.}
  • Twin needle {optional}

*Seam allowance is 1/2 inch

Start by placing your fabric so that the stretch is horizontal.
 Fold fabric in half

Starting at the bottom, cut at an angle at either side as shown on the graphic below.  The bottom will need to be roughly 30'' inches wide and the top will be about 18''.  Asjust depending on how wide your fabric is
 You should have two pieces now that basically look like triangles without tops.  With right sides together, sew down both sides.  Be sure to use a stretch stitch or a zig zag stitch.  I also surged my edges, but knit doesn't fray so that's totally optional.

To hem, fold your fabric towards the wrong side 3/4 an inch.  Sew with a zig zag stitch or use a twin needle.  Do this to the top and bottom.

Trim threads and enjoy your new cover!  I also wanted to note that the top is loose, but I like ti that way because the stitch doesn't break.  It also makes it easy for my other kids to peak in.  Because people will peak in.  And as life usually goes in internet land, since I've made these, turns out other people have made them too. I've seen them for sale online here {a little pricey, but not a bad deal if you don't sew} and See Kate Sew has a free pattern for them too.  Good luck and happy covering!


  1. The car seat looks very comfy and padded. And a bonus that it's washable. my website

  2. Where was this in my life 15 years ago? Oh that I had seen this post earlier… Too late for me now, but I will be calling you up when Lydia is married and having her first!

  3. If you surge the edges is it really necessary to hem??


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