Squad Goals. Star Wars edition.

One day I woke up and realized that I've created almost enough children to fill up the entire cast of Star Wars. I feel like I've arrived or something. ;)

But in all seriousness. Well I mean as serious as I'm gonna get in a post about Star Wars, my young padawon's decided last year that they all wanted to be Star Wars characters and who am I to say, "I've got a bad feeling about this." Bahahaha! Just can't help myself.
 These scruffy little nerf herders literally stopped traffic while we took pictures. Mostly dudes stopping to say "That's so awesome!" We had to kinda hustle through because we were attracting nerds like we were at Comic Con. It was getting awkward.
Plus these baby ewoks could only take so much. Clementine was having none of this nonsense. 
You've all seen Rey and Leia before, but let me introduce to the wonder of store bought/semi homemade costumes. The greatest. :) I've linked to everything. (Not sponsored or affiliated or anything.)
We've got a little Yoda who would much rather have been Rapunzel, but she's 2 so according to Ezra, she's not allowed to have an opinion yet. 

And of course, Ezra/Darth Vader whose mask strap snapped, so he had to resort to holding it up instead. The force could have come in really handy for that one.
And what's a star wars family themed costume extravaganza with some ewoks?

I just bought bear suits on amazon and then cut up a brown t-shirt and cut little ear holes. So much easier than sewing with fur...which I did attempt, but gave up because I decided it was more important that my children get fed than have a completely homemade ewok costume. #priorities

And that's it. Our little Star Wars Squad. "Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him." ...I dunno, it just felt like the appropriate time to throw out a Ben Kenobi quote. Happy Halloween all!



We swapped our little Lila for a Princess Leia for Halloween this year. I mean young Leia, not the old smoker voice Leia from The Force awakens. ;) He he. No but really, we just had to give Rey someone to hang out with, right?
Lila takes her Halloween costuming very seriously. I mean really. She gets in character.
"Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?"
I just can't help myself. :)

Anyway, I sewed this costume up pretty quickly using some white sports knit that I already had. I made up the process and just used Lila's current measurements and sort of just eye-balled it. I'd share a tutorial, but does the world really need another princess Leia tutorial. Here, here, and here are just a few samples. Again, I just did my own thing, added a hood, and threw on a belt, which ended up falling off so much because Lila is so tiny. 
But in the end, perfect accuracy doesn't matter.

 Halloween is all about the candy anyway.


DIY Rey (Star Wars) Costume

I'd like to take this moment to stop and thank the person in charge of designing Rey's costume. 
I like to think they had mothers like me in mind. Like, "let's give those poor Mama's who procrastinate their kids costumes a break. No more of this Queen Amidala/Princess Leia complicated costume business. We're gonna make this easy. We're draping this girl in one long piece of fabric yo. Throw in a belt and some dirty, stained clothes, wrap her arms in bandages, and we're done. You're welcome, Mom's. You're welcome." 
So here's all you need to throw this together:
  • White shirt (the dirtier the better)
  • Green pants (holes required)
  • Brown belt (preferably bigger, so you can wrap it around)
  • Brown boots
  • Ace bandages (you think I'm kidding huh? Well, I'm not)
  • *One yard of beige fabric (I used this fabric, here's another option as well)

*for reference, my daughter is an average size 4 year old, you may need more or less fabric depending on body size. If you don't sew, just buy more fabric. What you're going for here is just one really long fabric panel. I just bought a yard and sewed it together because I'm cheap and I didn't want the fabric to be too heavy on Madelyn's shoulders

All you need to do is take your fabric (pre-washed) 
divide it (length-wise) into 3 sections (If you have a yard, 3 sections of 14 worked well for my daughter)
take your sections and right sides together, sew each panel on the top short panel one at a time. This will get you one long panel. 
Drape it around shoulders (google how to do this and you'll find lots of helpful how-to's) wrap the waist in a belt, wrap arms in an Ace bandage, throw a staff/lightsaber, and a row of buns down the head and your set!
I'm not even kidding, that's all their is too this guys. You can imagine my joy when my kids came to me with their Halloween costume plans. Because they do that. Like they sit and discuss what their "theme" will be. It's hilarious and I figure it won't last forever, so I embrace it. Especially when my 4-year-old declared that she wanted to be Rey. She's a big fan. 
And she happened to have old olive green leggings (with holes in them, I might add). She also has several old, stained, white (or not so white ;) shirts to choose from. Throw in some old brown boots, a belt, and ace bandages, and you're set. That's right, we used ace bandages. I mean this costume could not have been easier. We even live half an hour from some sand dunes. This was a match made in Halloween heaven. 
To be fair, pictures could have gone better. We totally got rained on, I'm recovering from leg surgery, and Madelyn's boots kept coming off. But she that's life, right? She had a blast pretending to be Rey, even though Madelyn was much too happy to stay in character. :)  
So there you go, nice and simple....and let's be honest, not expensive! That's a Halloween win in my book!


on cats, pumpkins, and all that autumn goodness.

Cat sweater (self-drafted) fabric similar cat sweaters here here // similar pattern //leggings self-drafted but similar pattern here // b&w stripe fabric
Have you guys seen that cat sweater shirt that was floating around pinterest a while back? And did you, like me, say "cute!" pin it, then promptly forget about it? As we do with so many pinterest finds? 

Well I was scrolling through my board recently (you know, because I psych myself out into thinking I have time to scroll through my girl clothes inspiration board with 6 children running around) and I saw that sweater, clicked on the Gap link, and it was sold out. But let's be honest, I was never going to buy it anyway. I thought, "By cracky. I will make that thing." So here's a quick list and how-to so that you can make one yourself! 

I've linked to everything throughout the post and if you're not a DIY-er I linked to some similar styles above. I used a raglan sweater of Ezra's to make a pattern and I used some gray sweater fabric to recreate the look. But if you don't sew, any shirt will do.

I googled a cat silhouette image that I liked and cut it on some freezer paper using my new Silhouette (because Jonathon bought me a cameo for my b.day! What?!?!?!) If you don't have a cutting machine, don't hate me, because this cat silhouette would be easy cheese to cut out with an exact-o. I promise. This is coming from a gal who has spent 5 years exacto-ing without a cutting machine.
I ironed the freezer paper cat stencil onto the raglan, busted out my favorite black fabric paint and finished in less than five minutes. Once it was dry, I sealed the paint with an iron according to paint instructions. 
And then I had one tickled four-year-old. 
Madelyn is my animal loving girl and this is probably the closest we'll ever get to having a cat, so she embraced her inner cat here. 
When we went to take pictures, I realized how fast this fall is going by. I feel a bit like I'm missing out on it this year. I've had a series of leg surgeries each week starting October 1st so between those, follow up appointments, and making sure my children stay alive, I haven't really gone outside much.
But when we do go outside, you find us here. Lovingly holding a pumpkin, trying to soak up every last bit of autumn before it blows by. 
Because this season is worth doing a jig for. :) Happy DIY-ing friends!

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