on cats, pumpkins, and all that autumn goodness.

Cat sweater (self-drafted) fabric similar cat sweaters here here // similar pattern //leggings self-drafted but similar pattern here // b&w stripe fabric
Have you guys seen that cat sweater shirt that was floating around pinterest a while back? And did you, like me, say "cute!" pin it, then promptly forget about it? As we do with so many pinterest finds? 

Well I was scrolling through my board recently (you know, because I psych myself out into thinking I have time to scroll through my girl clothes inspiration board with 6 children running around) and I saw that sweater, clicked on the Gap link, and it was sold out. But let's be honest, I was never going to buy it anyway. I thought, "By cracky. I will make that thing." So here's a quick list and how-to so that you can make one yourself! 

I've linked to everything throughout the post and if you're not a DIY-er I linked to some similar styles above. I used a raglan sweater of Ezra's to make a pattern and I used some gray sweater fabric to recreate the look. But if you don't sew, any shirt will do.

I googled a cat silhouette image that I liked and cut it on some freezer paper using my new Silhouette (because Jonathon bought me a cameo for my b.day! What?!?!?!) If you don't have a cutting machine, don't hate me, because this cat silhouette would be easy cheese to cut out with an exact-o. I promise. This is coming from a gal who has spent 5 years exacto-ing without a cutting machine.
I ironed the freezer paper cat stencil onto the raglan, busted out my favorite black fabric paint and finished in less than five minutes. Once it was dry, I sealed the paint with an iron according to paint instructions. 
And then I had one tickled four-year-old. 
Madelyn is my animal loving girl and this is probably the closest we'll ever get to having a cat, so she embraced her inner cat here. 
When we went to take pictures, I realized how fast this fall is going by. I feel a bit like I'm missing out on it this year. I've had a series of leg surgeries each week starting October 1st so between those, follow up appointments, and making sure my children stay alive, I haven't really gone outside much.
But when we do go outside, you find us here. Lovingly holding a pumpkin, trying to soak up every last bit of autumn before it blows by. 
Because this season is worth doing a jig for. :) Happy DIY-ing friends!


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