Star Valley

We took a special trip to Star Valley Wyoming to see the beautiful little LDS Temple that was just built there. If you're not familiar with my religion, here's a brief explanation of what temples are.

We decided to leave the twins and Sophia with Grandma so that we could show our kids the inside of a place that means a lot to us personally. It was beautiful and fun and included wagon rides + getting to hang out with our children who aren't in diapers. What?? Plus the drive was gorgeous. Autumn definitely wins the prettiest season award, at least around here.

I had a small, little window of time the day before and I thought "What could I whip up in less than an hour?" And of course, the Polly Peasant dress from Sew Much Ado was the answer. Truly one of the most simple patterns I've ever tried. It took less then an hour with my kids running around. The results were so satisfying too. This makes an adorable blouse, dress, even nightgown.  It also has a super cute scallop option which I'm excited to try.
I used the size recommendations and sewed a 5T and I managed to use only one yard of fabric.  
I added a little tie at the waist because Lila is just so tiny and I wanted to define a waistline on her tiny body, but the dress is cute either way.  
Lila was majority tired by the time I snapped these pics, so don't mind the yawn. ;)


  1. She is so sweet! And yay for a trip with half the kids - somehow that makes it feel like zero kids, doesn't it?

  2. Ok, if I could do something that darling in less than an hour, I would feel entitled to some kind of award. You are such a whiz kid! that style is so cute on her.


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