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Sometimes I load all the kids up to go run errands and I get them out of the car only to realize that at least one of my kids doesn't have shoes on. I look at said child and sigh. Because it is oh so nice to be needed, but sometimes couldn't they need me just a little less. Just long enough to put their own shoes on? Oh well. Such is the conundrum of motherhood. 
And sure, sometimes it's frustrating to know that your child has no shoes on and you're bound to get looks. But someday these same kids will put on their own shoes and walk out of the house and I won't know exactly where they're going. And no doubt I'll feel old and lonely. So for now, if I forget to check their toes before we drive away, I'll smile and think about how nice it is to be needed.  All the time. Because someday they won't need me in quite the same way or at quite the same level. Blessed is the mama who is always needed.
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