The goose is getting fat

We've had all sorts of surgeries going on in the last couple months and we've definitely been feeling it. You know what I'm saying? Just that heavy feeling that comes with an irregular routine. I probably wouldn't notice it much, but kids need structure in a big way and when you change that up, everything feels off. So when everyone was finally feeling up to moving around again, I loaded the kids up to go on a wild goose chase. Literally. My parents have beautiful property that's essentially a refuge for animals everywhere. Yearly, they get every animal from moose to porcupine. I can't blame them. I mean if I were a member of the animal kingdom, my parents property would be my first pick for a retirement home.  I grew up with just about every bird known to man. Peacocks, parrots, you name it. :) Recently, my Dad found two domesticated African geese out by one of his ponds. 
Naturally, my kids were delighted when they found out Papa had geese, so we had to go hunt for geese. And we didn't have to go far. In fact, they followed us around and the kids were in heaven. 
When I was little, our roosters would chase me and on a field trip I got charged by geese. They smell fear on me, so of course, they tried to chase me every time I turned around. The kids thought it was hilarious. So a lot of pictures turned out blurry because I was getting goose chased. But oh well, fun memories. 
Besides, it's not everyday that geese want to join your family pictures. 
Plus it kinda fits for Christmas. Geese getting fat and all that. I doubt we'll eat these guys though, we'll stick with these tasty peppermint cookies that my brother-in-law made. 
Poor Madelyn just got her tonsils out. :( She was a good sport about the cold. 
I can't even tell you how happy these kids make me. Our lives would be nothing without them.
Adding Penelope and Clementine to our family has only added to our happiness. Life is good and God is good. 
Merry Christmas friends! Hope your season is the merriest. 


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