Pattern self drafted//Fabric 
Here we are. Mid January. I haven't left the house in days. I'm totally ok with that. My kids are totally not. So to appease them, I stepped into our backyard to take these pictures. I figure that's gotta count for something?
I just had to snap a few quick shots of this dress. And the girl who I made it for, because she's growing fast. All her friends are losing their baby teeth and I figure I need to document her right now before she gets big girl teeth and becomes officially not my baby anymore.
I drafted this pattern and added some front pockets. I was just messing around, so I won't lie, I wish I'd picked a different type of fabric for the style of the dress. (Note to self, quilted knit is thick and therefore hard to pleat.) But Lila is always really sweet about anything I make her, which is so much less than it used to be. :( #somanykidsnotimetosew 
(by the way, this pic below is more true to the color of the fabric, just FYI)
But at least, we documented the teeth. And I got outside. 


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