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Well here we are. I think it's been over 6 months since I've blogged about the twins. And look at them now. With their cute faces and hair so thick it looks like a wig. (Forgive the fuzziness, we were running out of daylight.) These girls are an absolute dream come true. Not that twin life isn't hard. I mean its everything hard about having one 10-month-old plus another 10 month old. But it's also double all the good things too, so naturally we love it.
Last year when I was pregnant forever I dug through my stash and found this tiny little scrap of fabric from my Grandma Lou. Flowery and old school, I've always loved it and I've never been able to bring myself to cut into it. But with the twins coming, I eeked out 2 tiny little skirts and added different colored bodices on top. I only ended up sewing half of either dress before I went on bed rest and couldn't finish. So the other day, when I was organizing some sewing stuff (because I'm competing in Project Run and Play this season! What is life??) I saw these half made little tunics and thought, "Why not?" 
And I kind of love them. No pattern, a little funky/quirky, but meaningful. Very much like my life right now. Not planned or scheduled, not a lot of structure, but meaningful and valuable. When I see the fabric of the skirt, I think of my grandma Lou and how I used to watch her sew when I was a little girl. She'd make all kinds of costumes, funny little elves at Christmas, and sometimes she'd let us hand sew with her. I remember a collared shirt that she made for my Grandpops and I distinctly remember thinking, "That looks just like it came from a store. How did she do that?" And the wheels in my head started turning and I think those memories contributed to what I do and what I make now. 
And so that's that on Random Thoughts by Bethany today. I leave you with the beginnings of the Penny and Clemmy Zombie crawl. Just picture them crawling at you at the same slow little crawly pace. It makes me laugh every time. :)



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