Project Run & Play Final Week: Peaches & Cream

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Shucks guys. Never in a million years would I have believed that I'd be in the final round. I'm so flattered/nervous that I'm simultaneously wanting to hug you all and hide in a box. :) But alas, no time. So let's talk signature style! Truly my signature style is usually to sew wherever the wind takes me, although I tend to like to keep things simple and classic. I find inspiration all over the place, but primarily in the personalities of my kids. And tucked right in the middle of said kids, are my two precious middle girls, Madelyn and Sophia. We like to call them our middies, our little peaches and cream. I can't imagine that being squeezed in the middle of 6 little duckies could be easy, but these girls hold their own in the personality department. So this look is my little tribute to my Peaches and Cream. I love to sew for them. They appreciate all things girly. In the end, I combined my simple style with their fancy feminine tastes and came up with some classic, pretty dresses perfectly suited to my middle girls.

Oh ya know, just dressed up in fancy dresses, casually playing with a ball made out of sticks. A day outta the glamorous life. ;)

If you know me at all, you know that I avoid enclosures like the plague. If I can figure out a way not to use zippers, buttons, and what not, I will. That's why neither of these dresses have them. Instead, I sewed Madelyn's dress with a criss-cross back detail that attaches to the gathered bodice. The opening let's her head in easily. I made the dress a maxi dress (per Madelyn's request) and because I didn't want to detract from that pretty peachy/blush flower detail at the bottom, I kept the short sleeves simple and hemmed them and the neckline with homemade bias-tape.

Sophia's dress has a wide enough opening at the neckline and flared ties in the back, thus rendering buttons and zippers useless. Hip hip hooray for that. I made big ruffly sleeves and attached it to a gathered scalloped skirt. It's so soft and feminine--perfect for my little sweet cream Sophia.

This little face. :)


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Madelyn's Look: Started with the Geranium Dress by Made by Rae. Modified the neckline and lengthened the back at a 45 degree angle to create a criss cross back to enable the head to get in and out easily. Added self drafted sleeves, and hemmed neck and sleeves with bias tape. Made and attached a self drafted gathered maxi skirt. Larger hem at the bottom. Fabric from Joann. So sorry, I can't find the link!

Sophia's Look: Started with the Mori Dress by Elegance & Elephants. Modified the sleeve and made self drafted ruffle sleeves instead. Modified the original "back tie" measurements and created a flared tie for the back instead. Adjust skirt width and length of gathered skirt based on Sophia's measurements.  Fabric from Joann. So sorry, I can't find the link!


  1. I LOVE the flowers and the scalloped hem! They are beautiful!
    I have never done a crossing back, but I hate zippers, too. That is so smart!

    1. those 2 babies are really looking so cute. Love you both... i really like it. best custom essay writing

  2. That scalloped hem is swoon amazing. I have loved all your Looks. You have done so well I hope you are finally able to relax and enjoy all those sweet babies wearing their awesome clothes.

  3. So proud of your exquisite work, and your adorable children! The pic of Madelyn kissing Sophia, Ben's cool wall -- all of it is just too sweet! You are a winner in our book!


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