Tully Testing

Ya know when you bite into the most delicious piece of chocolate cake? And you tell yourself, "I'm only gonna have one piece of this dessert from the angels." But in the end you basically eat the whole cake? And you pay for it because you feel terrible afterwords, but man eating that chocolate cake was  just so worth it. That was me with Project Run & Play. I had so much fun sewing but add in a little stress and tiredness and raising six kids and what not and by the end, I was just plum tuckered out! So I took a little sewing break and I've eased back into sewing with a little pattern testing.

Tully testing to be precise.
And what a way to ease because this pattern is fantastico. Hardly needed any tweaking. Kelly from Sewing in No Man's Land is just that good. I've followed her (not quite like a stalker, but maybe sort of) for years and I'm such a big fan of everything she does and her positive outlook on life. And all the beautiful photography. Plus all the places she travels. Sigh. I could keep going, but I'll leave it there before I start to sound too nutso. 

Anyway, I had to sign up to test this pattern. It's so sweet and simple, but beautiful. Super cute on littles, fun for all those sizes in between and on trend for tweens. (18m-size12) Gotta love the bell sleeve trend. Plus no enclosures. Did you hear that? I said NO ENCLOSURES. You know that's where I fell in love. I really enjoy a pattern that's great for beginners, but fun to sew if you're a more advanced seamstress. 

I made this one in chambray for my 7-year-old-who-suddenly-looks-like-a-17-year-old-how-dare-she? Lila. 
Keep in mind that these are tester versions, so if things like neck and sleeves look a bit big, don't sweat it, they've been adjusted. I still love the way they turned out.
Don't forget to notice the plug that I probably should've phtotshopped out but who has time for that? :)
Had to do some pink flamingos for my little Madelyn Peach. 
And yes, that's food on the corner of her mouth. We are who we are people. ;)
Jump over and grab a pattern (on sale this week!) and happy sewing! :)
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