literally the cutest

Geranium tunic pattern // tulip fabric (similar options here here here) // jean jacket (similar) // leggings (self drafted) fabric 
These girls. I think the trendy thing to say would be "I literally cannot even" but then I would sound like a dramatic contestant from a reality TV show. Because if I've learned anything in the last year, it's that I literally can even. I can love them with all my heart. I can do the NICU, late nights, early mornings, spit up, blow-outs, sit on the floor and entertain them all day long. I can hold two beautiful, babies at once and I can thank God for being merciful enough to send them my way.   
Here's Penelope. Our little chatter-box. Somewhat distrustful of strangers, but loves you when she knows you. And loves to snuggle.
And little Clementine. Also distrustful of strangers. Snuggly when she's nervous, has the best giggle, and sings to herself. 
I put these little outfits together last year before I was on bed rest. I used to star at the little tulip tunics and imagine what life would be like with two babies.  The fact is, I couldn't have imagined babies more perfect or beautiful. And I definitely could never know the peace that they would bring into our home. They are universally adored and while having twins is hard, this has easily been the happiest year of my life. So thank you my little Penny and Clemmy. Happy birthday and know that you both have a place in my heart always. 


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