twins: according to strangers

Oh the twin life. The things I've learned. The things that I still need to learn. It's a daily happy struggle. One thing I've learned is that it's fun to sew double and Tully tops are the perfect thing to sew two of. And I'm happy to report that I can still carry both of these babies around if I need to and I've become quite proficient at doing two of everything. (Double the food, double the sippy cups, double the laundry, double the diapers). And it really doesn't bother me. Not to say I don't have my days of discouragement, but I've never wished these two beauties away. I mean they seriously get cuter every blessed day. How is that possible? So I'd like to dedicate this surviving and thriving with twin posts to the many random strangers I've met via having twins. 
This one goes out to the hundreds of starers who've never seen two babies before. Come on guys, I see you lookin'. No they're not wearing wigs. This one goes out to all the little kids who point and say, "Look! Two babies." I counted one day and I got 17 kid comments in one Walmart run. Wha? This is for the nosy biddies who ask, "Are those all your kids? Probably time for a break, sweetheart." Thank you for bringing this to my attention, strangers. My husband and I will take this very personal matter into consideration. Your opinion has been invaluable. ;) This one is for you, sweet old lady at the grocery store, who is concerned that my babies aren't still twins if they're clothes aren't matching from head to toe. Dear lady, just be grateful that they're wearing clothes at all. Sometimes the only matching that goes on is naked in a diaper. This one is for the hundreds (I'm not exaggerating) of strangers who genuinely think that I don't know which baby is which and engage in an argument with me like "Are you suuuuure." Guys, I'm sure. And if we get them mixed up, we figure it out in a minute. If you only knew how much time I've spent with these humans and how many diapers I've changed. Just trust me, I know. By the way, Clementine is on the left in these pictures, Penelope is on the right. I promise. :) This is for all you mama's who have apologized to me that I have twins. :( ???? Are you just trying to just tell me that you're grateful you don't have twins, I guess? Because I really like mine. And I'm gonna g'head and say that as a general rule, you really should never apologize about something like that. Just basic social skillz 101, guys. ;) But mostly, this one is for you random old man who came out and sat on a bench and watched me take these pictures. "Thanks for the entertainment" he said afterwards as he opened his newspaper (because people still read those?) and I wrangled all my children into the library. You're welcome old man and everyone. Because I know you all just care.  


  1. As a mother of 9 kiddos I have gotten the odd comment or two so I enjoyed reading about yours. Love the pictures!

  2. Oh man! So wrong! Even without twins, I've had my fair share of totally inappropriate comments brought about by taking my pregnant self out with my three children. There's the general pregnancy comments such as suggesting I must be having the baby any day now (You know, because I'm more than likely to go into labor a month from now.) which I'd love to respond to by suddenly grabbing my belly in one hand and gripping the offending person like I'm a soldier having a leg amputated with the other, while making really alarming groaning noises. Then there's the size shaming remarks (even though I'm measuring the appropriate belly curvature), such as, "Are you sure you're not having twins?" Yes, because a stranger probably noticed an entire human that two ultrasounds and a perinatologist missed. Then there's the lady with the complete audacity to suggest that my husband should know how this happens by now. Yes, because a lack of sex education must be the only possible reason a couple would have four children! Ever so helpful. Nursing was no better. I actually had a restaurant hostess suggest a supplement that would help me dry up my milk due to feeding my child when he was 6 months old in a corner with a cover. Thanks again; I always wondered how to render myself incapable of feeding my infant without formula. On the up-side, when I talked to the manager, a fairly expensive dinner out ended up entirely free.

  3. I loved this post! As a mom of 12 children and the youngest being triplets I can't even begin to tell you the amount of comments and stares and everything I get when we go out. So thank you for making my morning. :)

  4. It is roughly estimated that world wide there are over 125 million twins. However, the medical fraternity opines that there are chances of more miscarriages in multiple pregnancies than in the case of single birth. https://bigredhairgalyah.tumblr.com/


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