DIY Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress Tutorial

Dress Pattern (tutorial below) // fabric
Oh summertime, how I love thee. Even though this summer hasn't quite started the way that I thought it would, it's still been dreamy. I love no major schedule, lazy afternoons, family adventures, nice weather. It's not all perfect of course. We started summer with 2 funerals. My grandma and Jonathon's Grandpa both passed away on the same day and Jonathon's Grandma went to join her sweetheart this last weekend. 
Death is tough and we've had to have a lot of talks with our kids, especially Lila. Being the oldest, she's getting to the age where she really feels and understands things more than the other kids. It's been hard, but we're at peace. Of course, I wish I could shelter my kids from sad things, but my personal view on death isn't sad. It's still hard, but since we believe that we can be together forever, we know everything will be fine.

I made this ruffle sleeve shift dress for Lila because she asked for a nice dress to wear for the funerals of her great grandparents. I'm sewing through my stash right now, so this stripe fabric worked perfectly. I love to dress up a basic pattern, and I'm loving the ruffle/bell sleeve trend this summer. It's funeral appropriate, but perfect to pop on when we're going on family adventures. See the mini tutorial below. :)  
Remember, this is a mini tutorial. There are instruction all over the place for how to make a basic shirt. This is just to give you inspiration if you're looking to spruce up a basic shirt dress.  

What you'll need: 
A shirt that fits, or a shirt pattern.
1 yard of fabric (or more depending on the size you're going for) pre-washed and dried.
Coordinating thread
Step 1: Fold fabric (make sure the fabric is stretching horizontally)
Step 2: Lay your shirt pattern and add length if you're making a dress.
Step 3: Tilt the shirt pattern under the armpit. Cut.
Step 4: Cut 2 rectangles roughly twice the size of the edge of the sleeve hole. Ruffle the rectangles by adding a basting stitch on the top of the rectangle. Add ruffled rectangle to the bottom of the sleeve opening (rst). Finish shirt according to instructions.
And there you go! Happy sewing!


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