Stop rushing me

Swing shirt (made by me from this tutorial added ruffle sleeves with this fabric and cut pineapple with my Silhouette*not sponsored, and painted with freezer paper stencil and this paint) similar similar shirts//free pineapple svg file download//leggings sold out similar similar
I am normally one of those people who embrace a new season. Summer is deffo my fave. (Did I sound super trendy there? That's always the goal ;) but when fall rolls around, I'm generally fine with it. After all, what's not to like about cinnamon and pumpkins? 


I find myself filled with some serious angst when I see Halloween decor up in August, back to school in July, Christmas trees up in October, Easter eggs in February, and flip flop sales in March etc. Like, don't rush me guyzzzzzz! I will happily accept your season when it comes and no sooner. So I've been silently rebelling against fall this year. Especially in my neck of the woods in Idaho. Summer here is lovely, it's still hot well into September, and I hate to be pushed into boots and scarves when I can still be wearing shorts and flip flops. Alas, school starts this week, so I'll share Lila's pineapple shirt while it's still moderately relevant. Even though technically, the unwritten law is that you can't mention pineapples after the month of June. Unless you're on an episode of Psych. Then by all means. So here's to summer and all the fun that you've been. And even though it's still sunny and warm, RIP, summer, my friend. You'll be missed.  


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