Project Run & Play Blooper Reel

By now, you're sick of hearing me talk about it. Like really Bethany??? You're bringing it up again? Get over it already! But the thing is, I wanted to do this months ago and after the whirlwind that was Project Run & Play, I had to take a break, so I never got to finish telling you all my feeeeeelings. Mostly, I'm just trying to tie some loose ends before I move on and try some different things here on this bloggity. Plus if there is one thing I am good at, it's rambling, dragging things on, and over analyzing. Just ask my kids about when they asked me how I traveled from Idaho to England once. "Let's see now, I started on a Tuesday. No maybe it was a Wednesday? I drove to....No wait, maybe I flew first. No. No, we drove, then we flew. I was so tired because it was early in the morning. No maybe it was late at night......" You get the idea. Their eyes positively glazed over. But you guys. You're trapped...or you can just click away. Either way, you're here and I'll start by telling you that my personal motto for 2017 is to be brave, so when the opportunity to do Project Run & Play came, I jumped. Even though everything about actually competing was terrifying to me. I'm not a competitive person and the thought of asking people to vote for me. Yuck. But the honest to goodness truth was that I was extremely intimidated by my competitors. We're talking crying every night, why did I say yes to this??? intimidated. Poor Jonathon. With 6 young kids, (including twins who had RSV at the time) Jonny knew this would be a major time commitment. He was sweet, supportive, and willing. But I don't think he knew what an emotional strain it would be for me. So emotional. Because half the time, I felt like such a fraud. I enjoy a good, solid, practical sew. But I'm not opposed to just buying clothes for my kid. I'm not a die-hard seamstress by any stretch. I am also not well trained in the art of sewing lingo and I felt very much out of my league. But I realized that to not do something just because I was scared or intimated was a silly reason. So thanks to Jonny's support, and prayer (I know it sounds silly, but I prayed over every blasted stitch) my intimidation grew into admiration for my fellow competitors. I have nothing but the highest respect for the women in my season and it really felt like a team effort. Shelly from Coral&Co started a facebook group and I felt like we all got on well (virtually speaking) I also, felt like I made genuine "I would want to be friends with you in real life" friends! Anyway, I digress, I'm just gonna go with each week and tell you little ins n outs and behind the scenes tidbits in case you're curious. (Which I was  before I competed) Also, a lot of these images are edited, so whateva. And you can click on the Week Name to see the actual competition posts. :) NOW without further ado:

Week One: Modern Scandinavia

I figured I wouldn't make it past the first week. And I'm not just saying that. I legit thought, "Well if I'm going to go out, I'm going out with a bang." Which is why I sewed 4 outfits plus a unicorn. :) I don't quite know what I was thinking. We were told quality over quantity (which I totally agree with) but I guess I felt the need to be true to myself. I sew for all my kids and I sew a more casual style. When I read that first weeks "travel" theme, I envisioned four outfits in my head. It was never one for me and they were all easy to wear clothes. So 4 it was. Plus win, because my kids actually still wear them. And in keeping with my mantra "be brave" (which I repeated to myself basically every minute that I sewed) I tried to get out of my comfort zone and reach out to brands. Some responded and took a chance, some didn't, but I felt more empowered. I even got up the nerve to knock on a strangers door and ask if I could take pictures of my kids by their beautiful red barn. This may be a small feat for some, but holy moly, that kind of thing is a major sweat-inducing experience for me. I mean, thank goodness for quality deodorant. ;) Also I overexposed these images. I'm sure any photographers were appalled. But guys, I don't know what I'm doing so don't judge my lack of skillz. :) I splurged on big balloons (we forked all the money for the fabric and props btw, the incentive really is a love for sewing) We shot on one of the only decent days we had in February. It was still cold and snowy, but hallelujah, the sun was out. You could tell by Madelyn's little red nose, that they were a bit cold and a little (cough cough) grumpy. Ty kids look a bit dazed because they were mesmerized by the cats running through the yard. In the end, I was happy happy with what I'd done, but in my head, I could relax, I was done. I was so surprised when I found out I was moving on!

Week 2: Greenhouse Girls

Was not my favorite. Let's just get that out there. I felt like that was evidenced by the way things looked. It just wasn't as spectacular as my head wanted it to be. I still loved what I sewed but, I didn't want to spend a whole bunch of money on new fabric, so I tried to use what I had and I felt like things were a little meh. I kept adding things like piping and ric rac and I dunno. It felt like I was trying to hard. But the twins were adorable and Madelyn is photogenic, so their cuteness probably carried me. Although pictures of babies (especially two of them) are hard! They were literally sucking on a lemon or lime or eating dirt, in every picture. :) Another thing I was fighting was the greenhouse lighting. It was just finicky. But fun fact, that greenhouse was where I got engaged. #sentimental Anyway, I was still proud of what I made, but I sincerely believe that I would have been voted off if Shelley hadn't had a family emergency (Which I was really bummed about btw! I'd still like Project Run & Play to bring her back for another shot, she is so talented!) But because she left, we all got a free pass, which was a relief but also stressful because.....

Week 3: Country Boho

Now I'll admit, Boho week had me at...well Boho week. Like I said, I didn't think I'd make it that far, but I knew that was a challenge I'd make something either way because it just spoke to me. I had this magical straight-out-of-a-rom-com movie moment with the fabric I used for Lila's dress. :) It was love at first sight and I knew what it was going to be. In Joann's. So romantic. I also knew I wanted to include Ezra because I enjoy sewing for boys. The week ended up coming together like butter. Is that the analogy I'm wanting? Probably not, I mean, it came together smoothly. I wasn't stressed. I didn't even want to continue to the final week, but I wanted to sew Boho week. Plus Lila and Ezra are my easiest to photograph. They are just mini-models. And it was a serious giggle fest. The whole time. We really had a lot of fun. Because they were constantly doing this:

At least I can remember that the smiles were genuine. :) #goofballs I was so flattered and humbled by the kind response to these outfits, especially Lila's dress. Lila still gets compliments on it and I don't know that I've ever made something that I've been more proud of quality-wise. And don't worry, I totally wanted one too. I tried to make myself one. I failed. It was just a one time Boho-miracle. I felt grateful that so many people liked what I made, but I was genuinely sad to see Cassy from Pearberry Lane go that week. Not that I wanted anyone else to go home. She just felt like a real friend and I was rooting for her! She is immensely talented and I was truly disappointed that she didn't make it to the last week. That was probably the hardest thing about this competition, seeing people go. I know it's just sewing and life goes on, but all of these women are fantastic sewers!

Week 4: Peaches & Cream

I talked about this in more detail here, but when the final week came I was like, Oh dear. Because I had no clue what to do. Signature Style??? My signature style is "sew what is easy" or "buy everything you need on clearance at Target. Then maybe sew something if you have time." I decided to go with my own personal signature style, which is gray and blue maybe a little....boring. I made a couple different dresses, just in case. And I worked hard on them, they were different, very me. I wish I'd stuck with them, they were very me.But alas, when I found out I was moving on, I panicked. I went and spent more money than I ever want to spend in my life on fabric ever again and sewed something fancier. I stayed up till 3am cutting into fabric that was worth more than my first born. ;) To be fair, I really did feel like what I made matched my girlies personalities more than my original signature style, but I was indifferent at that point. I just needed sleep and normalcy again. I knew I wouldn't win and I was burned out. Don't get me wrong, I was proud of my work, but for me, getting to the last round was a win. Plus I literally could not walk through my house it was so messy. :) I felt that the end results were more than fair. Lindsay's precision and attention to detail was astounding. Her win was well deserved. 

And so life goes on. Doing Project Run & Play forced me to be brave and push my skills and I'm so thankful for the opportunity. I've never sewn that much or that consistently ever and it was a really empowering feeling. It's given me more confidence, but it's also been a great way to assess what I really want. I do like to sew, but I love to do a lot of other things too. And a good old fashioned fast, easy project is still my favorite. So now you know way too much about me and all my feelings. :) Congratulations on getting through without falling asleep. Unless you did. In which case, we'll just awkwardly part now. Scroll away my friends, scroll away. 


My actual signature look.

So remember Project Run & Play? Way back when? Ok, so it was only the beginning of the year, but it feels like ages ago. I sound like a cheeseball, but it was a huge highlight for me in my "blogging" life. :) Project Run & Play was one of the things that got me sewing in the first place. I think linking up to their sew along was one of my very first posts. Awwww. Baby Lila! I always thought it would be so fun to actually compete. And sure enough, as soon as I let go and stopped caring so much about blogging, I got the chance to be in Project Run & Play. Funny how things work out. It was such a huge honor for me and the timing, though unexpected was perfect. I also got so much farther ahead than I thought I would. SO far ahead, in fact, that I was completely stumped by the last challenge "Signature Look." I had no clue what to do. I interpreted it to mean "what I would wear." Which is grays, or light blues in any form. In other words, hashtag boring once I made the outfits. So I second guessed myself, went to the store last minute, and bought the fanciest, most ridiculously expensive fabric I could find and stayed up into the wee hours finishing. In the end, what I made fit my little girls personalities much more than they actually fit my own signature style. I'm proud of the dresses, but they weren't revolutionary and they definitely weren't me. So today, I thought I'd share my original "signature style" or rather, what I sewed first and wish I'd stuck with, if only for the sake of my bank account. ;) The dresses were sort of "muslins" to what I ended up making for the final, but much more relaxed and likable, in my opinion. Also they both have pockets. The end. :) Just kidding. You know my rambles rarely end so succinctly. ;) Always, a little more to add, my friends. I ended up taking these pictures (way too many btw!) long after the PR&P was over, when the weather was nice, and I'm thankful to have the memory of my two little duckies. They are the best grand finale a mama could ever ask for. Shoe-less, wild, and very much as they are. (Except their hair is done here, which isn't quite so normal these days. :) 
I ended up taking these pictures (way too many btw!) long after the PR&P was over, when the weather was nicer and I'm thankful to have the memory of my two little duckies. Shoe-less, wild, and very much as they are. (Except their hair is done, which isn't quite so normal these days. :) 

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